Saudi Prince Buys $400 Million ‘Flying Palace’

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud will soon be taking delivery of the first customized A380 superjumbo that is being described as a “flying palace.”

The Airbus A380 normally has a capacity of between 600 to 800 passengers, but, seeing as how the Saudi prince doesn’t need to fit 600 people on his private jet, all but the essential seats have been taken out to make room for several luxurious rooms that most people would love to have in their homes, much less a jet.

The Saudi prince’s new private jet will come with five luxury suites, one of which includes a prayer room with electronic mats that will turn to face Mecca depending on the jet’s current location.

As if that weren’t fancy enough, the three-floor jet comes with a lift and a spiral staircase which can be lowered onto the tarmac, a concert hall complete with acoustic paneling, a “wellbeing” room with a screen on the floor allowing passengers to see what’s being flown over, a full-size boardroom, and “ample” space to park a Rolls Royce. You know, just in case.

The A380 is being customized for the Saudi prince by British design consultancy firm Design Q and is expected to cost over $400 million. A spokesperson, quoted by the Daily Mail, said that the custom jet will delivered directly to the Saudi prince early next year.

This isn’t the only luxurious mode of transportation that the 57-year-old Saudi prince owns. He also has a Boeing 747, an Airbus 321, and Donal Trump’s former superyacht, 5KR.

Below are a few design illustrations of the custom jet.