’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Tell-All Special: 5 Behind-The-Scenes Moments Fans Didn’t See

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? tell-all special, which concluded last Sunday, has been nothing short of being explosive and entertaining! TLC brought together the five couples to sit with each other in the same room, bringing all their craziness with them. And for three weeks, viewers were served with drama after drama.

There were Danielle’s tears, Loren’s outbursts, Anfisa’s eye rolls, Pao’s hair flips, and Jorge’s shocking revelation at the end. These are all thrilling to see on television, but what happened behind the scenes were surely more intense. After last Sunday’s episode, TLC took to Twitter to dish out some interesting moments that happened while the cameras weren’t rolling. Read on to find out!

Mohamed May Have A Crush On Anfisa

Mohamed may have arrived late for the tell-all special, but he certainly got something from the shoot. TLC revealed that after filming, the Tunisian native asked for Anfisa’s number from the show’s producers. It can be noted that Mohamed and Anfisa sat next to each other in the interview, and he might have taken a liking to the Russian beauty.

Of course, Mohamed is now officially a bachelor. He and Danielle have already finalized their divorce, and he’s certainly free to date anyone. Anfisa, however, is still technically married to Jorge despite their separation.


Jorge And Anfisa Went Home Together

Speaking of Anfisa, she and Jorge stayed in the same hotel room before and after filming the tell-all special. In last Sunday’s episode, producers were seen asking Jorge if he needed a separate room since it was obvious that things were tense between them after the interview.


This is because Jorge all but confirmed to everyone that Anfisa worked as an escort when he said that he’s “embarrassed” about what she does for a living. Anfisa had no choice but to walk out of the set. Despite this, Anfisa agreed to stay in the same hotel room with Jorge. TLC also revealed that the two even flew home together, although they didn’t sit next to each other. Up to now, it is unclear whether Jorge and Anfisa have made up.

Anfisa Studied Linguistics In Russia

During last Sunday’s episode, viewers saw Anfisa vehemently deny Jorge’s accusations about her “degrading” job. She blatantly called her husband a liar, but she didn’t give a straight answer about her real employment.

As it turns out, Anfisa is actually an educated woman! TLC revealed that Anfisa studied linguistics back in Russia before coming to the United States. However, she never held a job probably because she already married Jorge.


Pao And Pedro Found Something In Common

Because Pedro’s English is very limited, Chantel would often speak to him in Spanish during the filming. Pao, being from Colombia herself, was said to have joined in their conversations from time to time.

When Chantel was explaining why she didn’t approve of Pedro’s over-generosity to his family in the Dominican Republic, Pao took Pedro’s side. Pao explained that in their culture, it is common for children to help their parents and revealed that she’s also helping her family in Colombia.


Mohamed Was Friendly With His Co-Stars

Mohamed has not made it a secret that he disliked taking part in the reality show with all its melodrama. On his Instagram account, the 28-year-old reality star ranted that he’s done with 90 Day Fiance and even called those who continue to participate in it “cheap.” However, TLC revealed that Mohamed was actually friendly with his co-stars in person.

While filming the tell-all special, Mohamed was said to have repeatedly advised Jorge not to say anything that he would regret later on. He even befriended Pedro in spite of their language barrier!


The 90 Day Fiance franchise has spawned two spinoffs: Happily Ever After? and Before the 90 Days. According to The Wrap, a new season will premiere on Oct. 8 and will be featuring six new couples.

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