Gretchen Rossi Says Producers Wanted Her Back For ‘RHOC’ Season 9 And To Film More For Season 12

Is Gretchen Rossi desperate to get back on The Real Housewives of Orange County? Is she, in fact, so desperate to get back on the show that she faked being friends with Vicki Gunvalson in order to film a scene where gossip about Tamra Judge’s husband, Eddie Judge, being gay was going to be brought up? That’s what some viewers have been claiming since the preview for tonight’s episode was released. Yet Gretchen claims that’s not true at all.

In recent days, Gretchen, who starred on the show from Seasons 4 through 8, has responded to the accusation that she faked being friends with Vicki, whom she was never close to during her time on the show, just to bring down her friend-turned-enemy, Tamra.

The preview shows Gretchen, along with former housewife Lizzie Rovsek, at Vicki’s birthday celebration. Kelly Dodd explains that it was she and Lizzie who brought Gretchen and Vicki back together. Later on apparently, another guest, a man sitting next to Vicki, makes the shocking claim that he saw Eddie making out with another man, for Gretchen is shown incredulously asking that man for confirmation of what he just said.

“Let me just make sure I understand what you’re saying. You’re saying you actually saw Eddie making out with another guy?”

The man confirms that he did.

“Oh yeah, yeah.”

Vicki responds in shock while the other women similarly look shocked.

“What?! Wait, what?! What?!”

On Twitter, Gretchen claimed that she and Vicki naturally became friends about two years ago and so she, along with Lizzie, simply went to her birthday party to celebrate, not to gossip about Tamra. Gretchen explained that she reached out to Vicki after her mom passed away.

“We became friends two years ago off camera and have remained friends. I reached out to her when her mom passed away. So your wrong”

Gretchen Rossi further said that she’s friends with Vicki Gunvalson because Vicki apologized for how she treated her in the past. In previous seasons, Vicki joined Tamra Judge in making fun of Gretchen’s relationship with former fiance Jeff Beitzel, and current fiance Slade Smiley.

In response to another viewer who tweeted that Gretchen, who has an accessories and makeup line called Gretchen Christine, made a cameo on the show because her business isn’t doing well, Gretchen said that her brand has actually become so successful that a large beauty brand just acquired it. Gretchen added that she went to the party simply because she was invited to celebrate Vicki’s birthday.

“Actually your wrong! I’ve been so successful with my brand since leaving the show that a large beauty brand came and Acquired Gretchen Christine! I simply was invited to my friends birthday and went.”

Gretchen added that she was asked to film another time for the current season but declined because she knew Tamra Judge was going to be there.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki Gunvalson has said before that Gretchen, along with Lizzie Rovsek, should return to the show.

Gretchen Rossi also stated that if she was so desperate to get on The Real Housewives of Orange County, she would have returned when producers called her in the middle of Season 9 and asked her to film.

“your wrong. If that was the case I would have come back when they called in the middle of season 9 and asked”

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