Remembering 9/11 In 2017: Quotes To Help Everyone ‘Never Forget’ September 11, 2001 On The Anniversary

Many of those in the United States are dealing with the effects of Hurricane Harvey from a couple of weeks ago while others are going through Hurricane Irma, but there is an anniversary on Monday that won’t be forgotten. Sixteen years ago, the USA experienced the horrific terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and that day will live on in everyone’s memories forever. People will never forget that day and these quotes will make sure that the feelings and lives lost remain fresh in your minds.

Sixteen years ago on 9/11, four planes were hijacked by al-Qaeda and changed the lives of all Americans for all time. Some may find it hard to believe that the country can come together as one, but it is true that all banded together to remind the world that this country cannot be defeated.

“Now, we have inscribed a new memory alongside those others. It’s a memory of tragedy and shock, of loss and mourning. But not only of loss and mourning. It’s also a memory of bravery and self-sacrifice, and the love that lays down its life for a friend–even a friend whose name it never knew.” – President George W. Bush

Many of these quotes will bring about strong emotional feelings of anger or regret or loss and even hatred. While those are natural reactions, these quotes devoted to 9/11 need to also bring about a feeling of peace and unity in the United States.

remembering 911 quotes september 11 2017 anniversary new york world trade center
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Parade put together a great collection of 9/11 quotes which are from political figures, celebrities, and even those directly connected to people involved with the four hijacked flights.

“If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.”
Sandy Dahl, wife of pilot Jason Dahl, who was flying United 93 (2002)

“Commending the victims to almighty God’s mercy, I implore his strength upon all involved in rescue efforts and in caring for the survivors.” – Pope John Paul II

“The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit. Instead, we have emerged stronger and more unified.” – Mayor Rudy Giuliani

“My father, Norberto, was a pastry chef at ­Windows on the World in Tower One. For 10 years, he made many fancy and famous ­desserts, but the sweetest dessert he made was the marble cake he made for us at home. … Whenever we parted, Poppi would say, ‘Te amo. Vaya con Dios.’ And this morning, I want to say the same thing to you, Poppi. I love you. Go with God.” – Catherine Hernandez (2008)

“Americans never quit!” – Douglas MacArthur

remembering 911 quotes september 11 2017 anniversary new york world trade center
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There are many collections of quotes to remember the lives lost and those that helped during 9/11, and Fresh Quotes also put together some of the best.

“Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.” – President Barack Obama (2011)

“I may never be normal again…but this is my life now. I have to live it.” – Manu Dhingra, in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001

One other great quote came from U.S. Senator John Kerry and he touched not only on the World Trade Center but also the Pentagon as well as Flight 93. Chicago Now had it in its collection of quotes and it may be one of the strongest of all.

“Remember the hours after September 11th when we came together as one to answer the attack against our homeland. We drew strength when our firefighters ran upstairs and risked their lives so that others might live; when rescuers rushed into smoke and fire at the Pentagon; when the men and women of Flight 93 sacrificed themselves to save our nation’s Capitol; when flags were hanging from front porches all across America, and strangers became friends. It was the worst day we have ever seen, but it brought out the best in all of us.” – John Kerry

At this point, we are on the homestretch to it being two full decades since the events of September 11, 2001, but the memories are still so fresh for so many Americans. The awful events of 9/11 will be those that people will never forget, but they do find a way to move forward and learn from them. Many gave their time and effort to help others, but there were also many who gave their lives and these quotes are only one small way of remembering them and what they did for us all.

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