‘Little People, Big World’ Star Audrey Roloff Slammed For Offensive Posts About Recent Natural Disasters

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff was slammed recently by fans for posting what some thought were offensive posts about the recent natural disasters. Audrey Roloff shared her thoughts about the wildfires and other natural disasters across the U.S. on her Instagram Stories, and some of her followers criticized the 26-year-old for “laughing” at “all the disasters around the U.S.” CafeMom reported on Thursday that Audrey Roloff posted two IG Stories “the same day” referring to ongoing natural disasters that some Little People, Big World fans are upset over.

Since Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, Audrey Roloff’s followers can no longer view her two posts about the Oregon wildfires and other natural disasters that commonly occur in other parts of the U.S. Audrey, who’s a Little People, Big World star by marriage, recently took to her Instagram account to post one Instagram story about the wildfires that are close to Portland, Oregon. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff relocated from Bend, Oregon, to be closer to the Roloff family farm in Helvetia, Oregon, which is a suburb of Portland.

Portland, Oregon, is close to an ongoing wildfire in Eagle Creek, Oregon, that could “double in size” before it’s fully contained, according to Oregon Live on Saturday. The wildfire in Eagle Creek is less than 30 miles from Portland, Oregon, and has been burning for more than a week. The current strategy, according to Oregon officials, is to drive the wildfire further eastward, away from Portland. But Audrey Roloff took to Instagram recently to post her thoughts on the wildfire that Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff shared on her personal Facebook page could be seen on Roloff Farms.

Amy Roloff shared four days ago that the Eagle Creek smoke and ash could be felt near Portland, Oregon, and Audrey Roloff posted a rather offensive Instagram story last week about “legit ash falling from the sky in Portland.” That statement might seem innocent enough to Little People, Big World fans, but Audrey ended the post with a tearful laughing emoji, leading some of Audrey’s followers to think that she was laughing at the wildfires in Oregon. That was apparently the second Instagram post from Audrey Roloff the same day “where she is laughing about all the disasters,” wrote one of her 600,000 Instagram followers, Julie Reincke.

The first Instagram Stories post from Audrey Roloff is a cartoon graphic showing the U.S. and every area that has its own disaster. Audrey shared the cartoon on her Instagram account from a Facebook page called Tornado Intercept and slapped a large emoji banner across it with several scared emojis showing teeth, along with several more tearful smiling emojis. Comments on both Instagram Stories posts scold Audrey for sharing about the natural disasters in bad taste, saying that “this is not funny when people are losing homes.”

Audrey Roloff shared both posts last Tuesday when she was already five days past her estimated due date to welcome the second Roloff grandbaby into the world, but some Little People, Big World fans actually accused the first-time expectant mom of being “drunk” when she posted about the natural disasters. But other followers realized that, while the posts might have initially appeared offensive, Audrey Roloff had actually posted the cold sweat emoji and the grimace face emoji. One comment wrote, “I’m sure Audrey meant no disrespect” by posting the emojis.

In Touch Weekly shared on Saturday that Little People, Big World newlywed couple Jeremy and Audrey Roloff is still waiting on the birth of their first child, adding that Audrey is “officially one week past her due date.” Proud grandma Amy Roloff shared two photos on her personal Facebook page on Friday holding the first Roloff grandbaby, Zach and Tori Roloff’s 3-month-old son baby Jackson Roloff. Amy captioned the post, saying that she’s “just hanging with my grandson Jackson because we can’t wait to meet baby girl granddaughter/cousin.” Both Amy Roloff, 52, and her daughter Molly Roloff, 23, share birth dates in September — both on September 17 — and Little People, Big World fans wonder if baby girl Roloff will share the same birthday.

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