Here’s When Samoa Joe Is Expected To Return To WWE Television

Samoa Joe has been riding a huge wave of momentum over the past couple of months. The WWE Universe knew he would make a big impact on WWE television, but his feud with Brock Lesnar over the summer was a massive boost to his status in the company and Joe has established himself as one of the biggest physical threats in WWE. Unfortunately, Samoa Joe suffered a significant knee injury at the absolute worst time.

Initially, the expectation was that “The Samoan Submission Machine” would miss four to six weeks, which meant he would miss WWE No Mercy. However, Joe was expected to return to Raw before WWE TLC, but a new report is claiming that his recovery is taking longer than expected and he will miss that event too. He won’t return to WWE programming until the end of October, which is a massive hit to Joe’s momentum.

Now, Samoa Joe is expected to miss two months of action, two PPVs, and he won’t be participating in a big match until WWE Survivor Series at the earliest. The biggest problem Joe is going to face is being brought back into storylines whenever he does return. Since WWE officials will be pushing ‘Survivor Series’ to be as big as possible, Joe’s return should be a boost to the card depending on what his creative plans are by then.

Brock Lesnar Was Very Happy About Samoa Joes Performance at Great Balls of Fire
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On paper, there will be plenty of feuds and opportunities open for Samoa Joe to be a part of by November, but the issue is trying to predict where WWE programming will be in two months, which isn’t an easy task. Samoa Joe has established himself as a top heel on Raw. There is no question that he will return with a vengeance, but the WWE Universe will need to wait and see exactly what’s next for Samoa Joe on WWE programming.

Samoa Joe Will Be Making WWE Debut Soon
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There’s been some speculation that Joe could be moved to SmackDown Live before the end of the year. On paper, his injury gives him a perfect opportunity to make the jump since most people would be expecting him to return to Raw. SmackDown Live is missing a monster heel like Joe, so it could be a better situation for him to keep his momentum going. Unfortunately, the fans need to wait to see what comes next for Joe.

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