WWE News: Big Update On Samoa Joe’s Injury And How Much Time He Will Miss

In just a few weeks, WWE will present the No Mercy pay-per-view with John Cena vs. Roman Reigns as one of the headline matches, but it is Samoa Joe who made it all happen. Yes, the “Samoan Submission Machine” helped bring that feud to the front of the line, but it wasn’t done in the best of ways and it isn’t his fault. Joe ended up suffering an injury recently which changed a number of Monday Night Raw storylines and will keep him out for a while.

When Samoa Joe didn’t show up on this week’s Monday Night Raw, many wondered what was going on. Billi Bhatti of The Dirty Sheets reported that John Cena was meant to open Raw by calling out a “certain Samoan” which was going to be Reigns, but Joe was going to come out instead.

Plans were changed for a couple of reasons, but one of them is that Samoa Joe suffered an injury this past weekend and he’s on the shelf for a while. His last time in the ring was against John Cena last Saturday, and that’s going to the last time that anyone sees him for at least a month.

According to PW Insider, Joe is going to be out of the ring for at least four to six weeks.

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Samoa Joe was in Birmingham, Alabama during this past week to get further details on his knee injury and just how serious it was. After the diagnosis was given to him, he learned that it’s going to take six weeks to get him back in the ring, but the best case scenario is a return in four weeks.

No matter which way it goes, Samoa Joe will not be back in time for No Mercy.

WWE had been building to Cena vs. Joe which is why they faced off at live events on Friday and Saturday. He missed the event in Mississippi on Sunday due to the injury and things have just progressed from there.

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As the feud between Reigns and Cena is going strong, a program with Samoa Joe will have to wait. It is expected that Cena will soon be out of the ring for a number of months due to other projects he’s involved in and to film a Transformers movie.

Samoa Joe taking on John Cena on Monday Night Raw is a feud that so many fans have been waiting for, and WWE was building up to it for No Mercy. Unfortunately, and through no-one’s fault, Joe suffered an injury that will keep him out of action for nearly two months. Now, Cena and Roman Reigns have had their feud put on the front burner and it’s going to be quite a while until the “Samoan Submission Machine” can get his hands on the face of WWE.

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