Polls: Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Lowest Since Inauguration, Voters Question Mental Stability

A new poll finds the number of Americans holding positive views of President Donald Trump has dipped to its latest levels since he was swept into the White House eight months ago.

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll pegs the number of Americans expressing affinity for the Republican president at just 36 percent, down two points from where he stood in the same poll on the same question just three months earlier.

The latest survey also found the number of voters now expressing negative feelings toward the president has ballooned to 52 percent.

Trump’s early days in the Oval Office have been dogged by strife, including feuding with fellow GOP members, fueling racial tensions, and miserably failing to land a major legislative victory.

Trump’s overall approval rating in the poll stood at just 40 percent.

The only solace Trump might take away from the survey is that pollsters still found he lands ahead of presidential rival Hillary Clinton, 36-30, among voters holding positive views of either one of them.

In comparison, Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama rated positive feelings from 51 percent of 1,200 voters surveyed, while 45 and 44 percent of voters expressed positive views for former president George W. Bush and 2016 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, respectively.

The news wasn’t much better for the president in an EPIC-MRA Lansing poll, which found that roughly half of all Michigan residents are worried he may not be mentally stable.

Pollsters also found almost half of all voters from the state that dramatically helped usher Trump into the White House now worry about his legal authority to launch nuclear weapons.

Overall, 62 percent of Michigan voters now express a negative view of Trump after making him the first GOP candidate to win the state in a presidential election in almost 30 years.

President Trump and First Lady MelaniaTrump make return to White House. [Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

The five-day poll ending Sept. 1 also found 53 percent of voters now express concern that Trump has access to U.S. nuclear launch codes.

“To think that more than 40 percent (of Michiganders) think the president of the United States is potentially mentally unstable and 53 percent are worried about his having access to the nuclear launch codes … that’s kind of a stunning statement,” said EPIC-MRA pollster Bernie Porn.

President Donald Trump holds press briefing at Oval Office. [Image by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images]

Michigan voters likewise expressed greater support for Obama, giving him a 56 percent to 32 percent advantage over Trump on the question of who was a more effective president.

On the question of if they sided with Trump and his claims that the ongoing congressional investigations into whether his campaign colluded with Russians trying to interfere with last year’s election amount to a “witch hunt,” 55 percent of voters disagreed with the president compared to just 34 percent that sided with him.

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