‘New York Times’ Roasts Ivanka Trump For Selling Out Women’s Causes

Ivanka Trump is getting a serious roasting for selling out women’s causes and feminism after she ran alongside her father, Donald Trump, claiming she was going to champion working mothers and family issues. She claimed she would close the gender wage gap if it killed her. Well, Lindy West of the New York Times has taken Ivanka Trump to task and is counting all of the ways Trump has dropped the ball for women’s issues. West is claiming that for all of Ivanka Trump’s intentions, she has continuously bent to the will of her father, Donald Trump.

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, moved their family and their lives to Washington, D.C., soon after Donald Trump won the election. Both Ivanka Trump and Kushner had taken positions in Trump’s transition team and as advisors to President Donald Trump, and they chose the Kalorama neighborhood to be near the White House and their synagogue.

The Washington Post described the home from 1923 as a mansion, valued at $5.5 million.

“The new Trump Kushner home has six wood-burning fireplaces and a luxurious master bedroom suite, which includes a large walk-in closet, a soaking tub, and a private deck that overlooks the formal garden. The 1923 house was designed by architect Waddy Wood. The chef’s kitchen and the formal dining room are not to be missed and will be more than ample for entertaining.”

In her New York Times op-ed, Lindy West said that even when Ivanka Trump had an opportunity to further the cause of pay equality, she failed and made excuses. She mocks Ivanka Trump’s assertion that she would “work until it kills her” as she says she hasn’t even been moved to inconvenience. A particular point has been made of Ivanka Trump’s endorsement of her father’s decision to abandon the “Obama era initiative” that would require federal contractors to report salary data. Ivanka Trump once again fell in line with her father Donald Trump.

“Ultimately, while I believe the intention was good and agree that pay transparency is important, the proposed policy would not yield the intended results.”

West said that if the wage gap was truly Ivanka Trump’s cause, she would have realized the significance of abandoning the legislation. But more importantly, West asks if anyone really believes that Ivanka Trump will do anything for women’s causes or feminism.

“Real question: Is anyone out there still waiting for Ivanka Trump to come through?”

West is suggesting that if anyone thought that Ivanka Trump was going to be the insider in the White House to champion more Democratic causes, then they were sadly mistaken.

“When Donald Trump was elected president last November, his elder daughter was portrayed as liberal America’s consolation prize, like a Christmas present from an absentee dad plunked on the doormat in February. Uh, this is what you Democrats are into, right? Women? Businesswomen? Your little woman projects? That’s still your thing, right?”

Lindy West claims that Ivanka Trump has been put in place to temper all of her father’s more severe pronouncements, like those about transgender people or Neo-Nazis. But West says sadly, the only evidence that there is that Ivanka is moderate are her own words.

“The fact is, the only evidence we have of Ms. Trump’s supposed moderating effects and passion for progressive causes is her word. And, unfortunately for the entire planet, the word of a Trump isn’t worth very much.”


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And Donald Trump reportedly has diminished any respect that the public had for Ivanka by telling the press stories about her asking to join him on business trips and calling him daddy. Trump explained that Ivanka Trump “begged” to come with him.

“Daddy, can I go with you?”

Trump explained that he likes it when Ivanka calls him daddy.

Do you believe that Ivanka Trump ever goes up against her father Donald Trump in matters of policy? Do you think Donald Trump listens to Ivanka Trump in her role as a senior advisor?

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