‘Botched’ Featured Woman Who Wants Surgery To Look Like Ivanka Trump

Last night on Botched, a woman named Tiffany Taylor approached Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to help her look like Ivanka Trump through plastic surgery. Tiffany explained to the Botched doctors that she had already had more than a dozen surgeries, but needed more to look like Ivanka. The doctors made jokes about Tiffany sharing a name with Ivanka’s half sister, but wanting to look as closely like Ivanka Trump as possible. Tiffany explained that Ivanka is her idol, and she’s ready to do what it takes to look exactly like her.

Fans of Botched know that both Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif are suspicious of anyone coming in and asking for surgery to look like a celebrity. Tobias “Toby” Strebel, also known as Toby Stevens and Toby Sheldon, was a German Justin Bieber impersonator who approached Drs. Dubrow and Nassif about having additional surgeries and the doctors shut him down. When Toby approached the doctors about having more and more surgery, he said he had already spent $100,000 to look like Bieber.

Sadly, soon after Toby appeared on Botched, he was found dead in a California hotel room of a drug overdose. Dr. Paul Nassif released a public statement sending his best wishes to Toby’s family.

“My deepest condolences go out to the family of Toby Sheldon. He was a good person with a great heart.”


If Tiffany Taylor really thought that the Botched doctors were going to bend the rules to help her look like Ivanka Trump she got it wrong, but Dr. Paul Nassif humored her and examined her nose which she said needed to be perkier “like Ivanka’s.” Tiffany says that Ivanka Trump is her role model, and after leaving her 10-year marriage, she underwent 13 surgeries to look like Ivanka.

“I’ve had 13 surgeries,” Tiffany told Dubrow and Nassif. “I was so pretty before, but I am just more elegant now.”

Tiffany explained that she has colored her hair, had two boob jobs, a nose job, an eyelid lift, and liposuction on her stomach and buttocks in an effort to look like the oldest Trump daughter. Both doctors thought Tiffany should wait a bit longer before she had her nose operated on again, and perhaps that having surgery to look like Ivanka was also problematic.

“Tiffany should give it time and wait to get any more surgery done, in say, four years!”

Dubrow was obviously poking fun at how many years Donald Trump will be in office.

Both Botched doctors agreed that they are very leery of anyone who wants that much surgery after a major life event. The fact that Tiffany also wants desperately to look like Ivanka Trump sealed that deal to say no to Tiffany.

“It is very common for people after a traumatic event or a breakup to come in and want to have plastic surgery. But you have to be very careful of those individuals, that they are doing it for the right reasons, and they don’t have unrealistic expectations. That can be a real red flag.”

Tiffany’s obsession with Ivanka was one of those red flags for the Botched doctors.


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Even though Tiffany had 13 surgeries to look like Ivanka Trump, she told the Botched doctors that she combined many of the surgeries so that she only went under anesthesia three times in one year. But the doctors thought that was still too much. Tiffany said that she wanted Ivanka’s nose and Ivanka’s lips because they were all-American, but in the confessional, Dr. Dubrow commented that Ivanka’s mother Ivana was from Eastern Europe, so Ivanka was not the ultimate American beauty.

Do you think it’s odd that a Botched patient would want to look like Ivanka Trump?

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