Melania On Twitter: Looking Forward To Hosting At Camp David This Weekend – Working, Monitoring Hurricane

First Lady Melania Trump has turned to Twitter to share her weekend plans with President Donald Trump – and those plans include going to Camp David in Maryland. After all, as reported by the Inquisitr, Melania and President Trump certainly can’t travel to the $16.9 million Château des Palmiers mansion that Trump still owns, which has been reportedly damaged in St. Thomas, due to Hurricane Irma slamming into the region. According to CBS, Trump has closed three of his Florida properties ahead of the storm reaching the peninsula, including the “Winter White House” known as Mar-a-Lago. Therefore the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach is not necessarily a safe place for Melania and President Trump to escape to this weekend either.

Trump has also closed his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach and Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. Meanwhile, Melania is getting a big response to her tweet on Twitter, with replies from users issuing everything from prayers to criticism to Trump. Projections tracking the likely path of Hurricane Irma place the hurricane landing in Florida as a Category 4 hurricane on Sunday, with winds of 150 mph or higher coming with the storm. President Trump called Hurricane Irma one of “epic proportion.”


As reported by CNN, President Trump and Melania won’t be alone with Barron at Camp David this weekend – but Trump will bring his full Cabinet with them. Melania noted that their spouses will join them at Camp David also. They will travel to Camp David on Friday, and conversations about everything from tax reform to North Korean issues are expected to happen. With Hurricane Irma being the second big storm to hit the country a mere two weeks after Hurricane Harvey, Trump is expected to monitor the results of the latest hurricane as well while at Camp David.

Melania previously posted the above photos to her official Instagram account, showing Melania with people impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. As plenty of hubbub was made about the high heel shoes that Melania wore en route to Texas, due to it being a storm region, perhaps not as much fuss will be made of Melania’s choice of shoes to wear to Camp David.

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