Father Who Slept As Dog Mauled Baby To Death Is Jailed: Gruesome Scene Discovered By Mother

A newborn baby was mauled by a dog for up to 20 minutes as the father of the newborn slept through this horrific event. He was in a deep slumber after having an unknown number of beers that day. The baby’s mother, who was at a family gathering after her grandmother had died that day, came home to a scene of “Gothic horror,” which was described later in court.

Maria Blacklin, the baby’s mother, walked into her home to find the gruesome scene of her 3-week-old infant in a pool of blood on the floor after the dog mauling. Paramedics were called, but the baby died soon after they arrived at the family’s home.

Ryan Young, 32, didn’t wake up until he heard the baby’s mother screaming upon her return home. It was at that time he learned that while he was asleep, his baby son, Reggie, was the victim of this horrific attack.

According to the police report, little Reggie was blue but still breathing when his mother found him after the dog mauling. Paramedics worked on the newborn hoping to revive him, but they couldn’t save the infant. The officers who first arrived at the family’s home, which is located on Falkland Road in Sutherland, described the father as “appearing drunk.”

Ryan Young later told the police that he was “tired” and said he would not describe himself as drunk at the time. As far as the court was concerned, Young could have prevented this horrendous attack.

Prosecutor Shaun Dodds told the court, “Had the defendant not been asleep in drink, he would have been able to stop the attack.”

Ryan Young was charged with child neglect. He could be heard sobbing while the description of what his baby son went through was brought up in court. The baby was put through “a most dreadful, torturous, confusing attack and he sustained horrific and painful injuries,” which is how the judge hearing his case described the child’s death.

This gruesome mauling of the newborn occurred in Sunderland, England, back in June of 2015, according to an article published this week by BBC News. Ryan Young was sentenced this week in court, almost two years after his son had lost his life due to this dog mauling.

The dog was a Lakeland terrier-cross named Tricky, and it was “destroyed” shortly after the attack. It wasn’t a large dog, as it was described as only being a foot tall. The pet was usually kept in the garden and only allowed in the kitchen, according to the Guardian.

This was not a dog that anyone had concerns about; he wasn’t aggressive and there were no worries about him being around children. It was not a dog used for fighting. Until this incident, Tricky was just a family pet.

The court heard the results of the investigation for this case. The evidence pointed to the baby falling or possibly being dragged from the baby seat he was in by the dog and then fatally mauled.

The document also stated that the dog hadn’t been introduced to the baby before this happened. It was suggested that because the baby was new to this dog, the infant’s sounds and movements may have driven the dog into attacking the baby.

Ryan Young’s lawyer said in court, “It has been a long two years, this is a life sentence for this man.”

Despite the judge recognizing Young as “a hard-working father” who had “developed depression since his son’s death,” he was sentenced to jail for 21 months. There were no family members in court as Young was sentenced and reports indicate he “wept loudly” through the court preceding, reports BBC News.

This case caught the eye of the nation, and the news worked its way across the pond to the U.S. when it first happened. When the baby was laid to rest back in 2015, Ryan Young was pictured carrying the baby’s coffin at the funeral, which “made the funeral even more harrowing to the family,” reports BBC News.

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