Joy-Anna Duggar’s In-Laws Tell All On Her Shocking Pregnancy And Rumored Shotgun Wedding

Joy-Anna Duggar has kept quiet about her surprise pregnancy with Austin Forsyth, but that doesn’t mean her in-laws are steering clear of the controversy. Joy-Anna’s brother-in-law, Robert Forsyth, recently opened up about all the shotgun wedding rumors. Did he confirm that Joy-Anna got pregnant before the wedding?

According to Radar Online, Joy-Anna and Austin confirmed the pregnancy rumors three months after tying the knot. Based on the size of her baby bump, however, some medical experts believe that Joy-Anna is actually further along than she says. In fact, Dr. Stuart Fischer, who does not have any affiliation with the Duggar family, believes Joy-Anna is around five months pregnant.

The Duggars, of course, have very strict rules about dating. The Duggar daughters aren’t even allowed to hold hands with their boyfriends, let alone have premarital sex. Although Joy-Anna and Austin have broken several of these rules in the past – including touching hands and giving each other a full frontal hug during their marriage proposal – Robert shot down the idea that Joy-Anna got pregnant before the wedding.

“I’ve heard those rumors, but they’re not true. People are too nosy,” he shared.

Robert added that he is excited for Joy-Anna Duggar, though The Hollywood Gossip reports there have been rumors that some members of the Duggar family don’t like Austin. An insider claims that the Duggar’s view Austin as a rebel child and were concerned about his character. They also reportedly think he is immature and was not ready for marriage.

Robert did not address the reports about Austin but sounded genuinely happy for the newlyweds.

Rumors of a shotgun wedding first surfaced when the couple decided to bump up their wedding from the end of October to May 26. The quickness of the pregnancy announcement only fueled the rumors, and the pair’s previous actions on the Duggar’s reality show seemed to back it up as well. Joy-Anna and Austin, however, have not addressed the rumors surrounding their pregnancy. They also haven’t spoken about how Joy-Anna’s family reportedly feels about Austin.

Fortunately for the couple, it sounds like Austin’s family adores Joy-Anna. Whether that means the pregnancy came before or after the wedding is yet to be seen.

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