Jeremy And Audrey Roloff Just Did Something Strange On Social Media, Did ‘LPBW’ Pair Experience A False Alarm?

Baby Girl Roloff is incredibly late. With Audrey Roloff’s due date passing more than a week ago, the youngest member of the reality TV family is still taking her sweet time before she enters the world. Interestingly, however, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff seem to be getting more elusive with regard to the information they publicly share about their upcoming child.

Just recently, Jeremy Roloff did something rather unexpected in his Instagram Story. The reality TV star is known for being extremely open with his social media followers, sharing his day’s highlights on a consistent basis. Audrey is pretty much the same, communicating with her massive fanbase on social media practically every day. Just a few hours ago, however, the couple seemed to have changed gears.

Jeremy recently posted an image of Audrey in the doctor’s clinic having a scheduled check-up. The image immediately gained a lot of traction in social media, with many of the reality TV star’s followers expressing their excitement at the upcoming birth of Baby Girl Roloff. Not long after the image was posted, however, Jeremy deleted the picture without any explanation. The reality TV star did, however, post a heartwarming message on married life to his social media followers instead.

Needless to say, Jeremy’s latest activity on Instagram caught the attention of his fans on the social media platform. This has caused some of his supporters to begin speculating about the reason behind the image’s removal. Neither Jeremy nor Audrey, after all, have held back on updates related to the arrival of Baby Girl Roloff in the past.

“Why’d u delete the pic of Audrey at the hospital in your IG story?” one follower wrote.

“Maybe it was a false alarm,” another follower wrote.

Audrey, for her part, has also avoided any updates directly pertaining to her first child. The outspoken reality TV star has not posted an official upload in almost a week, and her Instagram Stories have been mostly about things going on in their home.

Considering Audrey and Jeremy’s recent, rather unusual behavior on social media, some of the reality TV couple’s fans are wondering if the shift was due to the intervention of TLC. After all, anything directly related to the arrival of Baby Girl Roloff is likely being filmed exclusively by TLC’s camera crews for the latest season of Little People, Big World.

Thus, while the couple might be willing to share new developments about the arrival of their first child, the producers of the reality TV show might be preventing them from updating their fans in order to keep the integrity of the upcoming LPBW season.

Why did Jeremy post then delete Audrey’s latest picture in the doctor’s office? Did the reality TV stars experience a false alarm? Is TLC getting involved with the couple’s constant stream of updates to their social media followers? Sound off in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]