Bill Skarsgard Hopes People Don’t Compare His Pennywise To Tim Curry’s

The remake of the 1990 television miniseries It from Stephen King is set to premiere on September 8, and while there is plenty of excitement for the new movie, at least one person is hoping that audiences will watch the film as its own creative work. Bill Skarsgard, who is portraying Pennywise in the remake, is hoping that when people head out to the movies to see It, they do not compare his version of the character to the one portrayed by Tim Curry in the original.

According to New York Daily News, in a recent interview, Skarsgard talked about his interpretation of Pennywise, and his own thoughts on Curry’s version of the character. The actor said that he feels that Tim Curry was “amazing” in his performance, and that the the actor was able to offer “such a good interpretation” of the classic Stephen King character.

Bill Skarsgard went on to explain that in this remake they were working on something brand new, even if it is an adaptation of a classic Stephen King novel. This means that his goal was to “bring something different and unique to” the role of Pennywise because he feels there is no point to remaking the film if there is nothing new and different brought to each of the roles and the overall story. Skarsgard said that his hope is that audiences actually consider both of the performances, his and Tim Curry’s, as separate things which are supposed to be appreciated for “what they are.”


While talking about the role of Pennywise, Bill Skarsgard shared that he really put a lot of pressure on himself because he wanted to make sure he lived up to the expectations of horror movie fans. The actor said that it was due to the trust that the director and producer had in him that he did not want to let them down. He said that he had mixed feelings of excitement and worry after getting the role, but in the end he loved the entire thing.


Although Bill Skarsgard is hoping that audiences can separate his Pennywise from Tim Curry’s, there is no word from the latter as to his thoughts on the remake. However, while Curry has not said anything about Skarsgard’s version of the character, Stephen King has weighed in and given his “seal of approval” for the film as a whole.

With It hitting theaters on September 8, audiences will get a chance to decide for themselves if the remake exceeds expectations. Plus, fans will also get to see just how Bill Skarsgard does in terms of making Pennywise his own.

[Featured Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]