‘It’ After-Credits Scene: Stephen King Remake Has Final Scare And Hint Of A Clown Sequel At Very End

Those who go to the movie It this weekend will see one of the most terrifying films in years (according to early reviews), and those who stick around to the very end could see a hint of a sequel and a final scare in an after-credits scene.

The remake of the Stephen King thriller is set to hit theaters this weekend, and is expected to top the box office totals for the week. The movie will kick off the post-summer season and serve as a lead-in to the influx of horror movies that will come around Halloween time.

And those investing in the hefty 135-minute running time for It will likely want to know if there’s an after-credits scene to keep them in the seats a little longer. For those not familiar with the increasingly popular movie trope, the after-credits scene is a short scene that plays after all the credits have stopped rolling. It is normally a reward for those who stay all the way until the end, offering a final joke in comedies or introducing a new character or plotline for movies that are part of a series.

So, is there an after-credits scene in It?

Sort of. According to Media Stinger, a site that compiles which movies offer after-credits scenes, there is an important message at the end of the movie and then a short extra bit at the end (though not strictly a scene). As the site noted, the movie’s title flashes at the end of the film followed by “Chapter 1,” implying that there will be a sequel coming.


There are already hints that there will be an It sequel. As Variety noted in its review of the movie, close to half of the source material from Stephen King’s novel is not included in this movie, implying that there will be more to come.

If reviews play any part, there will likely be a sequel to It. The movie has garnered very strong reviews, including a Certified Fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes and a total score of 89 percent.


While viewers hoping for a true after-credits scene in It may be disappointed, there is at least a small reward for those who stay past the end. As Media Stinger noted, there is some extra audio that plays after all the credits have ended.

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