Steve Bannon On ’60 Minutes’: Catholics Need Illegal Aliens To Fill The Church, I’m Trump’s Wingman [Videos]

Steve Bannon On '60 Minutes': Catholics Need Illegal Aliens To Fill The Church - I'm Trump's Wingman [Videos]

Steve Bannon was interviewed in his home, as seen in the attached videos from 60 Minutes. Bannon called himself a “wingman” for President Donald Trump, even in the wake of Bannon leaving the White House. Steve didn’t mince words about everything from Trump’s DACA decision, which Bannon didn’t agree with, but he praised President Trump for leaving wiggle room for DACA to be made legal via one of Trump’s latest tweets to the Catholic church. It is the first time that many viewers will get to hear Bannon’s voice and see him interviewed. After leaving the Trump administration, Bannon spoke out about not going on the attack against President Trump, even though Bannon left his role as Trump’s White House chief strategist.

Instead, Bannon compared himself to President Trump, with Steve calling himself Trump’s “wingman” and a “street fighter.” The decision by President Trump to do away with the controversial DACA program was talked about through the lens of Bannon’s Catholic faith. However, Bannon said that Catholics need folks like the 800,000 undocumented immigrants in order to fill Catholic churches and support them financially. Charlie Rose said that he interviewed Steve in his home, a full interview that will air on September 10, on 60 Minutes.

Bannon said that he is just like President Trump, a man that Steve said counter-punches. According to CBS, Bannon’s 60 Minutes interview is the first in-depth interview that Bannon has given since departing the White House. No doubt, Bannon’s words about the Catholic church will reverberate throughout the political world and beyond.


Steve also told Rose who he thought should leave the White House. As reported by Variety, Bannon was pretty open about his run-ins with Gary Cohn and why Bannon thinks the former chief economic adviser needs to break from Trump.

Bannon was also called to the carpet about President Trump’s “many sides” response to Charlottesville. When Steve was challenged on why President Trump didn’t immediately denounce Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, Bannon defended Trump’s words and claimed that the president was trying to speak about things on a higher level.

Eventually, Bannon called the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and Neo-Confederates “absolutely awful” and claimed there was no room for them in the nation’s society or politics.


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