‘Borderlands’ Characters Coming To ‘Battleborn’ With New Crossover Skins

Battleborn is getting characters skins for Borderlands 2 heroes

Considering Gearbox Software’s Battleborn features humor and an art style similar to their popular Borderlands series, many fans wondered why the developer decided not to capitalize on the established franchise’s success to help promote the newer game. As a hero-based shooter, it seemed like the cast of Borderlands would fit right in with the colorful characters of Battleborn but Gearbox initially made the decision to keep the two franchises separate.

However, more than a year after the original release of Battleborn, Gearbox Software is finally ready to bring the two franchises together for the first time. During their panel at PAX West this past weekend, the developer announced that they will be adding Borderlands characters to Battleborn in the form of new character skins.

The skins will transform six existing heroes from Battleborn into various Borderlands characters. As shown at Gearbox Software’s PAX panel, players can expect to see new skins for Rath, Orendi, Isic, El Dragón, Calderius, and Alani. After applying the skins, these characters will take on the appearance of popular Borderlands figures such as Claptrap, Zero, Krieg the Psycho, and others. In addition to changing their looks, the developer also mentioned that the skins might also alter the voices of some of the characters.

Bordlands 2's Axton, Salvador, Zero, and May prepare for battle

The Borderlands themed skins are expected to be available for Battleborn sometime later this year. Pricing for the character skins hasn’t been revealed, but the cosmetics will likely be purchasable for Platinum, the game’s microtransaction currency. Those in live attendance at the PAX West panel were given free codes that can be used to unlock all six Borderlands skins once they are released.

Gearbox Software also confirmed during the panel that the majority of the development team are now working together on their next big project and gave hints that led fans to believe that the secret title is a new Borderlands game. Gearbox president Randy Pitchford, however, stated that they weren’t quite ready to officially reveal exactly what the project is at this time.

Rath masters close quarters combat in Battleborn

After its first year, Battleborn effectively moved to a free-to-play model where a limited rotation of characters are available for everyone to play regardless of whether they actually own the game or not. This move was believed to be made after the title saw low performance since its launch in 2016. Many feel the game suffered from releasing so close to Blizzard’s hero-based shooter, Overwatch. As the Inquisitr reported at the time, Gearbox Software welcomed the friendly competition between the two games.

[Featured Image by Gearbox Software]