WWE Rumors: Could Randy Orton Be Traded To ‘Raw’ For Finn Balor Or Samoa Joe?

It’s been reported that Randy Orton is unhappy with his current position on SmackDown Live. Orton feels that his booking has him cornered and that there are only a few ways out of it. There have been a lot of rumors about him being moved to Raw down the line. John Cena switched brands because he became a “free agent.” Orton could be moved in different ways, but a big trade between brands seems the most likely.

The biggest issue would be making a fair trade. On WWE television, Kurt Angle would have the challenge of trading away equal value to SmackDown Live for Randy Orton. Behind the scenes, WWE officials would be making sure any trade benefits both brands. During a recent discussion on Solomonster Sounds Off, there was a major trade proposal that would see Orton being moved to Raw for either Finn Balor or Samoa Joe.

On paper, Orton for Balor or Joe straight up would be an interesting change for both brands. The 13-time WWE World Champion moving to Raw could shake up the WWE Universal Title hunt and bring The Viper into a bigger role again. At the same time, Balor or Joe would thrive on the blue brand because there would be plenty of fresh rivalries for them to chase and either man would add a lot to the WWE Title hunt.

Finn Balor Could Be Bringing the Demon to SmackDown Live

The WWE Universe has been frustrated by Finn Balor’s booking because he still hasn’t received a rematch for the Universal Championship. Brock Lesnar’s schedule makes that hard. However, Balor being a part of SmackDown Live would bring him into the WWE Title hunt and give him opportunities he won’t have on Raw anytime soon. It’s not a coincidence that he’s also been rumored for a move to the blue brand before.

Real Reason Why Samoa Joe Doesnt Have a Match at Wrestlemania 33

On Raw, Samoa Joe has been a monster. However, he’s been sharing the brand with Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar. On SmackDown Live, “The Samoan Submission Machine” would dominate in a way that he couldn’t on Raw. He would become the top heel rather quickly and likely become the WWE Champion a lot faster than he will on Raw. His move to the brand would also give WWE officials the chance to have Joe vs. AJ Styles or even Kevin Owens. Those are only two of the matches the WWE Universe has wanted to see.

As of this writing, there is only some speculation about Randy Orton being moved to Raw. WWE officials may not be looking to make any more roster moves until after WrestleMania 34, especially a trade as huge as Orton for Balor or Joe. However, it’s easy to see the benefit of some bigger trades like this one that could bring some excitement to television but also provide some underutilized talent some new opportunities.

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