Raven Gates Agrees Kristina Schulman Should Be Next Bachelorette After Rachel Lindsay

Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise showed Raven Gates and Kristina Schulman in a very heated argument after Raven told Kristina some things that she didn’t want to hear right after Dean Unglert chose Danielle Lombard over her. Namely, Raven told Kristina that she was wrong to blame Danielle for Dean’s behavior and that she shouldn’t be that mad at Dean anyways since he made it clear a while ago that he wouldn’t completely commit to her. Not surprisingly, Kristina didn’t take Raven’s advice very well. The two yelled at one another, stunning all those around them. When Kristina made the decision to leave early instead of handing out her rose at the rose ceremony, Dean walked her out and they hugged after some tearful words. Yet viewers didn’t really see Raven and Kristina apologize to one another or come to another resolution after their blowout fight. Are the two women still friends?

As the episode aired, Raven took to Twitter to explain exactly why she told Kristina what she did. As viewers saw happen earlier in the episode, Danielle, aka D-Lo, after weeks of being in a love triangle with Dean and Kristina, outright told Dean that if he accepted Kristina’s rose at the upcoming rose ceremony, she would not be willing to further explore a relationship with him. Dean made the decision to go with Danielle. After he told Kristina that he was going to pursue a relationship with Danielle, Kristina went to talk to Raven.

Kristina told Raven that Danielle “f**ked her over in every which way.” Raven immediately stuck up for Danielle. Raven also pointed out that she shouldn’t be so surprised by Dean’s behavior.

“You can’t blame her…He’s the person you trusted with your heart, your emotions, your body, everything. If you want to blame D-Lo, like a typical girl would, to blame the other woman, then you can’t….did he tell you that he was going to explore other relationships? Did he tell you that or not? Did he say that, yes or no? He did not…He’s the one who’s pursuing her.”

Kristina pointed out that Danielle pursuing Dean in front of her, knowing his involvement with her, was disrespectful. Kristina maintained that Danielle was not as innocent as she seemed. After Raven said that she was talking to Kristina as her friend, Kristina accused Raven of not being such a good friend.

“You haven’t talked to me for days, how are you my friend, to care about what I think?! You’re my friend my a**.”


Raven, in turn, accused Kristina of not wanting to hear the truth. The argument escalated to the point where others had to intervene and tell them to calm down. Raven even warned Krstina to not talk to her like that.

Yet according to Raven Gates, she said what she did to Kristina Schulman out of frustration and not out of anger at her. Raven tweeted that she has been in the same position of Kristina, confused and hurt by a man.


On Instagram, Raven implored women to know their worth.


And it also seems that everything is well between Raven and Kristina, for they spent Labor Day weekend together, along with franchise alum Alexis Waters. Raven’s Instagram page shows that she and Kristina, in fact, hang out together quite frequently.


Raven also thinks that Kristina should be the next The Bachelorette star after Rachel Lindsay. As the episode aired, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum Vinny Ventiera tweeted that Kristina should be the next Bachelorette. Raven immediately re-tweeted the tweet.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after Rachel was announced as the next Bachelorette before Nick Viall’s The Bachelor season even ended, many of Raven Gates’ fans said on social media that she should have been chosen for the big role. Yet Raven wholeheartedly gave Rachel, her good friend, her total support.

So would Kristina Schulman actually do The Bachelorette after getting her heart broken by Dean Unglert? “Lol,” she replied to Vinny’s endorsement.


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