Reality TV Stars Apologize For Ruining The World [Video]

Just in case the earth meets its ignoble end tomorrow, various D-list reality TV stars decided to clear their consciences and apologize for ruining the world and inadvertently causing humanity’s extinction (or at least, irrelevance).

In a “We Are the World” spoof, Joel McHale hosted a group of has-been reality TV stars (if such a thing can be said to exist) in a The Soup bonus clip/possible end-of-days sign-off.

Though it’s probably not the way we might have wanted to go out if the Mayans happen to be right tomorrow, it is indeed the send-off our culture deserves.

All of the right people are there, singing off-key and embarrassing themselves on national television for a few more minutes of precious exposure: American Idol‘s Sanjaya, Miss “New York” herself, Tiffany Pollard, Surreal Life cast-mate/porn star Ron Jeremy and dozens more.

As you watch the clip, you’ll find yourself nodding “Oh yeah, I remember them” before uncomfortable self-awareness sinks in.

As the chorus crows, giving us a long-awaited apology, host McHale conducts wearing a HAZMAT suit, hoping against hope that whatever this motley crew of D-list reality celebrities are carrying, he himself won’t become infected.

The joke’s on him though, because this clip is sure to go viral.

Here’s the long-time-coming apology from reality TV celebrities for ruining the world. If only we could get a few Kardashians in there…