Tom Cruise Allegedly Questioned For Hours In Wiretapping Lawsuit

Tom Cruise was allegedly questioned for three hours in connection to a wiretapping lawsuit. The famous Scientologist is reportedly accused of conspiring with his attorney and now-imprisoned private investigator to illegally record phone conversations, Radar Online reports.

The Jack Reacher star was reportedly questioned at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City on Tuesday. Tom Cruise is being sued by magazine editor Michael Davis Sapir. The editor maintains that the movie, lawyer Bert Fields, and convicted private investigator Anthony Pellicano for allegedly tapping his phone.

A source had this to say about Tom Cruise and the wiretapping questioning session:

“It was all very secretive. This battle has been ongoing and getting to the point where Cruise had to sit for a deposition, obviously took a long time.”

The initial stages of the lawsuit began in 2001 when Cruise first sued Michael Sapir. The magazine editor reportedly offered a $500,000 reward for videotape evidence that the actor is gay, Ace Showbiz reports. Sapir ultimately claimed that he had received such video evidence via email. The Sapir and Cruise lawsuit was settled and the editor stated that he did not possess a video showing Tom Cruise involved in homosexual activity.

Now Sapir is claiming that Tom Cruise, the lawyer, and the private investigator secretly and illegally records conversations the editor had with his attorney. Sapir feels that such inside knowledge gave the movie state a “strategic advantage” in the 2001 lawsuit.

Sapir maintains that Cruise has a pattern of hiring Pellicano to initiate wiretaps and used the now convicted man’s services during divorce proceedings with Nicole Kidman. A Radar Online source stated that Tom Cruise denies all wrongdoing in the wiretapping lawsuit.