‘Little People, Big World’: Has Audrey Roloff Gone Into Labor On Labor Day? ‘Modest’ Pic Might Provide Answer

Little People, Big World fans are wondering if Audrey Roloff has possibly gone into labor on Labor Day, and a new “modest” pic of the expectant first-time mom might provide the answer. With only a few more hours left of Labor Day 2017 and already four days past her due date, Audrey Roloff could theoretically go into labor at any time. Both Jeremy and Audrey Roloff were active on social media this past weekend and shared that there’s no baby yet. While fans of Little People, Big World continue to tell the newlywed couple to stay patient, some fans also think that Audrey Roloff “should be in labor on Labor Day.”

Jeremy Roloff doesn’t post on social media very often, but took to both his Facebook account and his Instagram account over the weekend to say that Audrey’s due date is officially past due. The 27-year-old Little People, Big World star and first-time expectant dad shared the same post on both social media platforms, but with two different photos. Both captions basically said that after all this time spent waiting and getting ready for the day their baby girl was supposed to be born, August 31 has already passed with no indication that Audrey, 26, will go into labor anytime soon. Jeremy added that “everyone onboard” the “ship” is waiting for baby girl Roloff to arrive.

A new photo that was shared just hours ago on a Little People, Big World fan page for Jeremy and Audrey Roloff has fans asking, “Where is that baby?” The Instagram post on @jeremynaudreyfans shows a completely clothed and more “modest” Audrey Roloff posing for a selfie pic, and she’s still very much pregnant. The photo is simply captioned with a pregnant woman emoji. Comments say that Audrey looks “so done being pregnant” and that they bet she is “ready to see that little girl.” Comments also remind Audrey that first babies are “almost always late,” and one comment suggested that Labor Day would be the perfect day for Audrey to go into labor.

While the new photo of Audrey shows that she’s still pregnant, the dress that she’s wearing is from Sunday’s Instagram post. Jeremy and Audrey reportedly spent Sunday enjoying an “ATV ride around Roloff Farms,” as previously shared by the Inquisitr. An Instagram post on @jeremynaudreyfans from Sunday updated Little People, Big World fans with news that there’s “still no baby yet,” and shows Jeremy and Audrey Roloff posing together for a selfie with Audrey wearing the same “sleeveless floral dress” from Monday’s post — leaving fans to guess that the most recent Instagram pic was actually taken on Sunday.

The only real indication that Audrey Roloff hasn’t had the second Roloff grandbaby yet is that proud grandpa Matt Roloff has recently been active on his personal Facebook account, but not to share news of the arrival of a new grandbaby. Since Jeremy and Audrey only plan on themselves and their doula being present in the delivery room when Audrey gives birth, there’s still a chance that Audrey could have gone into labor on Labor Day. Neither Jeremy nor Audrey have been active on social media since Sunday so their absence could mean that baby girl Roloff is making an entrance. Even though some Little People, Big World fans were sure that labor would begin on Monday — Labor Day — other fans believe that Audrey might go into labor on Wednesday.

This Wednesday, September 6, “presents the third and final full moon” to occur between the dates of June 21 and September 22, according to EarthSky, and a theory states that more babies are born during a full moon. However, DukeHealth says it’s a myth that “the waxing moon” brings more babies, and there’s “no connection between the phases of the moon and the onset of labor.” There’s still no disputing the fact that Audrey Roloff could deliver the next much-anticipated Roloff grandbaby “any day now,” as pointed out by soon-to-be Aunt Tori Roloff in a recent Instagram post, and the Little People, Big World official Facebook page announced just yesterday that baby Jackson Roloff “is getting a playmate soon enough!”

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]