Golfer’s Penis Cut Off By Wife And Flushed Down Toilet: Lack Of Arrest Sparks Fury Online

A man who loves his golf was assaulted at the hands of his wife as he slept because she was tired of playing second fiddle to his golf games, or at least that is what she first conveyed to police. Not only did the wife sever her husband’s penis, but she flushed it down the toilet, leaving him without the option of reattachment surgery.

This act shocked the neighbors as the 50-year-old man and his wife, who is 54, seemed calm. The people who lived nearby believed that the couple had a wonderful relationship. The woman, who was referred to only as “Mrs. Kim,” was not charged in this case, or at least not yet. According to the Mirror, police in Yeosu, South Korea, will look into this case more before deciding on whether or not to charge Mrs. Kim.

The fact that the woman wasn’t charged with a crime, even after admitting she had done this, didn’t sit well with the folks online reading about this story. Another issue coming to the surface over this case is that people are finding this man’s plight rather funny.

A man getting dismembered has some folks actually joking about it online, which is something not sitting well with some of the commenters after reading the various articles published today. An article posted by the Metro has people posting jokes in the comment section after finding it funny that this man no longer has a penis.

Christy Hetherington writes in the comment section on the Metro, “Hate people who find things like this funny, but ashamedly you usually find it’s women. I don’t particularly find it funny. You wouldn’t be laughing if somebody cut your boobs off whilst sleeping??!!”

Man who golfed too much had his penis severed by his wife as he slept
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Daniel Powel, who is another commenter from the Metro, suggests that there would be “total outrage by everyone” if this type of abuse was done to a woman. He also said, “Yet abuse to a man is either funny or deserved. That’s the point we are at socially.”

At first, the woman said that she was fed up with the amount of time that her husband spent on the golf course, but she later changed her story. What she had to say seemed to have changed the way police are now looking at this case.

Mrs. Kim told police that her husband had ignored her. Reports indicate that she also told the police that her husband had been violent with her in the past. She also said that he did spend all his time playing golf, but at the same time denied her money to live on.

According to Check Point Charley, the wife finally told the police, how her husband had “been violent and inconsiderate toward her.”

Man castrated by wife for playing too much golf

The woman severed her husband’s penis and left him there on the floor. It wasn’t until the neighbors heard the man’s groans and went to the couple’s apartment to find him in agony “writhing in pain on the floor,” reports the Mirror. He is in “stable” condition in a South Korea hospital.

Police suspect that this woman attacked her husband and cut off his manhood because he was cheating on her, but they have no proof of that. It is for this reason they want to probe into the motive before deciding whether or not to charge this wife in this case.

Comments from the folks online point to the reality that if this case had been the other way around, such as the husband mutilating the wife’s private parts, he would be thrown in jail no matter what the reason. The commenter with the online name “DitzyBlonde” suggests this is sexism because the wife is not charged in this case as of yet.

Golf Digest tweeted about this story and it seems golfers looked at this from a different perspective. They weren’t making fun of the situation, but a few brought up the fact that the wife cut off the wrong body part if she really did have the sport of golfing in mind. Mark Allen writes on the Golf Digest tweet, “Why didn’t she just cut off his hand? Don’t think he swings the club with his penis.” Another comment on the tweet from ISU Fan said, “Jokes on her. Now there’s nothing left to do but golf.”

The Metro also released this story in an article and they too report that the police are waiting to figure out the motive before deciding on charging this wife with a crime. Commenters thought the tune would have been much different if it were a man who did this to a woman.

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