Trump Kisses Little Girl, Takes Selfies At NRG Center In Houston [Video]

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump made their way down to Houston on Saturday, September 2, and spent time at the NRG Center. As reported by MSN, President Trump hugged children who had been displaced by Hurricane Harvey, and even lifted one little girl into the air — as seen in the video below — after the girl ran up to give President Trump a hug. It was the second time that President Trump and Melania have visited Texas this week, and the second trip is being called a “do over” journey that gave President Trump and Melania time to get up close and personal with survivors of the storm.

Along with lifting the little girl in the air, President Trump touched the face of a little boy and slapped hands with the boy in a high-five. At one point, President Trump sat at a table with children who played with toys, before Trump put on gloves and passed out lunch boxes filled with potato chips and hot dogs. Trump also called it “good exercise” when he helped to put supplies into vehicles. Melania stood by and greeted other people, shaking hands and speaking with victims of Harvey.

Although President Trump admitted it was a tough time it had been for the victims of the storm, he also called it “a wonderful thing” when he spoke of the response of those who helped those who had been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

[Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]

As seen in the following video, plenty of people inside NRG Center stopped to shake hands and take selfies with President Trump. There were approximately 1,800 people using the NRG Center as an emergency housing shelter.

The below video shows President Trump grabbing a man who wore a red shirt that read “Trump is my President” to the forefront, and telling him that he would now be famous. Melania wore a green hat that was emblazoned with one word: Texas.

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The storm has caused at least 43 deaths and damage that could swell beyond 156,000 structures in Harris County alone, while more than 17,000 people have gone to shelters in the wake of the storm.

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]