Texas Flood Horror: Baby Pulled From Mother’s Arms By Rushing Water Is Presumed Dead

A baby was pulled from her mother’s arms in the swift moving Texas flood waters of the Winters Bayou. The 6-month-old baby girl is presumed dead today after the parents attempted to escape their stranded pickup truck with the mother holding the infant in her arms.

Firefighters report that the baby is presumed dead in this latest Texas scene of horror, this time coming from the area between New Waverly and Coldspring. Rescue workers were trying to help two stranded men who were inside a pickup truck when they heard cries for help, according to the local ABC News, Channel 13.

The rescue crew was working near Highway 150 when they heard that cry and they went to see how they could help. The rescuers said a family-of-three, a husband, wife, and their infant daughter, were in a truck trying to cross swift floodwater when they were swept away.

The parents attempted to escape the truck but were carried downstream near a bridge where they were stuck in some trees. The baby was pulled by the water from the arms of the mother and they haven’t seen the infant since this tragedy.

The mother and father were rescued by New Waverly and Punkin-Evergreen firefighters, as were the two men that the rescuers were originally trying to help when they heard the parents’ plea for help.

This is one of the latest horror stories coming out of the Texas floods in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The names of this family have not been released to the public.

Another tragic story that had made headline news this week was the 3-year-old little girl found clinging to her dead mother’s body as they were carried away by the flood waters. Both incidents feature mothers protecting young children in the deadly flood waters.

She tried to get her little girl to safety by getting out of the car and carrying her across the water when the powerful stream knocked the mother down and the two of them were whisked away. Rescue workers happened to spot the little girl’s bright pink backpack. The backpack was able to help keep the child’s head above water. You can read the full story here on the Inquisitr.

The rescuers were able to pull both the mother and the daughter out of the water and into the boat, but the mother was deceased. They attempted to revive her, but it was to no avail. She was pronounced dead once they got her to an ambulance. The mother was identified as 41-year-old Collette Sulcer, who drowned trying to save her daughter, according to the Daily Mail.

The little girl was hospitalized overnight with mild hypothermia. She told her relatives that “mama” was saying her prayers. The child, identified as Jordyn, was released home with relatives and is expected to be fine.

[Featured Image by Cory Woodruff/Shutterstock]