Woman Allegedly Cut Off Husband’s Penis While He Slept, Said She Was Angry Because He Went Golfing Too Much

A woman in South Korea allegedly cut off her husband’s penis while he slept, and the motive may be even more bizarre than the crime — she claimed she was angry because he spent too much time playing golf.

The incident happened in the city of Yeosu last week, with the 54-year-old woman identified only as Mrs. Kim being arrested after police found the grisly crime. According to South Korea’s Jeju Weekly, neighbors heard groaning coming from the apartment and investigated to find that the victim was lying on the floor.

Neighbors said that the couple appeared to have a good relationship, but the woman reportedly gave police a different story. As the Jeju Weekly reported, the woman “confessed that her husband had ignored her and been violent against her. She also added that he never gave her money to live while he spent a lot of time out and playing play golf [sic].”

The man was reportedly in stable condition after the attack.

Though the incident originally made headlines only in South Korea, the bizarre nature of the accusations quickly made the story go viral across the globe. The U.K.’s Metro picked up on the story, adding that police believed the husband’s suspected infidelity could have been a motivating factor in the attack. Even Golf Digest picked up on the story, given that the sport was a motive for the woman allegedly cutting off her husband’s penis.

This is not the first time that a woman is accused of cutting off a man’s penis in an act of revenge. In 2015, a woman in China was accused of attacking her lover after finding that he had been sharing racy text messages with another woman, the Mirror reported.

In an eerily similar incident, the woman was accused of storming into the bedroom and attacking the man with a pair of scissors while he slept.

The incident didn’t end there, however. As People noted, the man underwent surgery to have his penis re-attached. While he was recovering in the hospital, the woman allegedly sneaked into his room and cut if off again, then threw it out a window. Doctors were never able to find it.

It was not clear what charges the South Korean woman faces for allegedly cutting off her husband’s penis, and the story did not say how long the husband was expected to take to recover.

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