‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: August 31 Recap, Footage Of ‘BB19’ Jury House Revealed

Big Brother 19 spoilers from this August 31 episode recap include the fate of Matt Clines and likely the name of the new Head of Household. In addition to this one-hour installment revealing the fourth member of the BB19 jury, it would also catch up the CBS viewers on what has been taking place on the live feeds for most of this week. This Episode 31 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Thursday, August 31, at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

Recapping what has taken place leading up to Episode 31, Jason Dent won the HOH this week and he nominated Raven Walton and Matt Clines for eviction. He told them that they were safe and that he was going to take down Raven at the Veto Ceremony. Jason ended up winning the Power of Veto but shocked the showmance by not using the power to shift the nominees. Many Big Brother 19 spoilers followed that Veto Ceremony, with the fireworks about to begin for the CBS audience.

Immediately following the Veto Ceremony, Matt Clines and Raven Walton began blowing up on Jason Dent, with Matt resorting to vile name-calling due to his frustrations with what had just taken place. This may have been the most words that Matt and Raven had spoken to Jason all summer, as they usually kept to themselves in the BB19 house. Now Matt was acting like Jason owed him something, despite never taking the time to try to save himself this week.

Amid the argument between Jason and the doomed showmance, Jason admitted to being one of the votes to evict Matt last week (when Mark Jansen got evicted). Alex Ow, who was the second vote against Matt, remained silent during the conversation. Then it was time for Kevin Schlehuber to inject himself into the discussion, talking with Matt and trying to assure him that he didn’t vote against him. This upset Josh Martinez, who called out Kevin for talking to Matt, starting up another few minutes of drama for producers to show.

Paul Abrahamian got his own segment again, where he explained in Diary Room sessions how well he was working to make other people in the BB19 house targets. While Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber were suddenly becoming the enemies of people in the game, Paul was starting to slide under the radar again. This is something that he definitely needed to have happen as a returning veteran player this season and he is working his strategy to perfection. Can anyone stop Paul from becoming the Big Brother 19 winner?

The BB19 jury house debuted this episode, with Cody Nickson speaking about who he didn’t want to have join him and then seeing Elena Davies walking in the front door. As previous Big Brother 19 spoilers had revealed, they were evicted on the same night, during the first double eviction of the season. Elena and Cody discussed how nobody was standing up to Paul and how the rest of the BB19 cast has been handing him the $500,000 prize. A bit later they were joined by Mark Jansen, bringing the jury house to three inhabitants.

At the Eviction Ceremony, Matt Clines gave a quick speech and then Raven Walton gave her speech while working hard to hold back tears as she spoke directly to Matt. Host Julie Chen announced that Matt had received a penalty vote for breaking the Have Not rule this week. It was then time to vote. Alex Ow, Kevin Schlehuber, Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, and Josh Martinez each took turns voting to evict Matt. By a vote of 6-0, Matt Clines was unanimously evicted from the Big Brother house.

Matt spoke glowingly about Raven in his conversation with Julie Chen, admitting that he did sacrifice his personal game for his showmance. He hopes to continue the relationship outside of the BB19 house, stating that he feels Raven has a great chance to become the Big Brother 19 winner. It’s hard to see where that confidence in Raven’s game play comes from, but she certainly has a vote in the jury house now.

The Head of Household Competition could not be played this evening due to weather conditions. That brings an end to the August 31 Big Brother 19 recap, with only seven people left playing for the $500,000 grand prize. It also gave Julie Chen some time to ask questions of Raven Walton about her relationship with Matt Clines. This all sets the stage for many more Big Brother 19 spoilers to get revealed on the live feeds late Thursday night or early on Friday morning (September 1).

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