Brad Pitt Lonely, Misses Seeing His Kids, Not Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow Admits To Messing Up With Brad

Brad Pitt has been through some troublesome times over the past year and as the anniversary of that fateful day, which involved his estranged wife Angelina Jolie blindsiding him with a divorce announcement to the world, it seems things haven’t gotten much easier for either stars.

Although the former A-list couple have been working more amicably for the sake of their six children while navigating the difficult custody battle, new rumors swirled that things have heated up again in regards to custody. Pitt, who had struggled with addictions, has sought counselling and shared in an interview with GQ earlier this year that he enjoys therapy and is doing much better.

The Allied star has been given more opportunities to see his kids, yet Brad is reportedly still saddened by not being able to see his brood more regularly, especially when he takes off for days of filming and returns to an empty home. Hollywood Life relays how Pitt is finding it challenging to adjust to not seeing his children as much, due to the new arrangement with Jolie.

An insider spoke with the publication as to how it has been bittersweet for Brad to get back into filming.

“Brad has begun his first really big project since his marriage fell apart last year and the new experience is bittersweet,” the insider notes.

The bitter side to Pitt’s current situation, is not so much that he is unable to have Angelina in his life, but more so that he misses coming home to his kids after a day or a couple of filming.

“Now that Brad is back to work and the daily grind of filming on set, he misses coming home to his family. Brad has been dealing with his breakup for over a year now and has put off going back to work. He has needed time and space to heal from the horrible separation from his family. Now that he has finally decided to return to work, he is reminded of how lonely his life has become.”

Despite his current situation being less-than-favorable, Brad reportedly has no intentions of reconciling with Angelina Jolie after the manner she chose to proceed with the divorce and custody battle. In addition to blindsiding the star, Jolie also sat back and watched while an FBI investigation was launched against Pitt for alleged child abuse, for which he was swiftly cleared.

Another ex of Pitt’s has recently spoke out and admitted that she was at fault for messing up their relationship. Gwyeth Paltrow, who dated the Hollywood heartthrob in the 90s, stated that she knows she is to blame for their split in 1997. The actress spoke on the topic when joining the Girl Boss podcast this week, as the Telegraph notes.

“‘I’m a pretty good friend and sister and daughter, but I am at my potentially most vulnerable and f—– up in the romantic slice of the pie.’ Recalling her time with the Fight Club actor, she added: ‘I f—– that up, Brad!'”

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