Real Reason Why Sasha Banks Lost the ‘Raw’ Women’s Title To Alexa Bliss Revealed

In the main event of Raw this week, Alexa Bliss beat Sasha Banks to reclaim the Raw Women’s Champion for the second time. However, it was the fourth straight time that The Boss has lost the title during her first defense. Sasha Banks is a four-time Women’s Champion, but she hasn’t had a single successful title defense during her WWE career. At this point, the WWE Universe wants to know why she’s being booked this way.

Previously, it’s been reported that Vince McMahon isn’t a huge fan of The Boss. However, he acknowledges her popularity with the WWE Universe, so she has been gifted some big moments. Unfortunately for Sasha, some of her injuries have soured her with WWE officials. As a result, she hasn’t been given a long title reign yet. That’s understandable, but a lot of people are questioning why she can’t defend the title even one time.

Now, it’s being reported that WWE officials are deliberately booking Sasha poorly to keep her momentum at bay while the powers that be push Alexa Bliss or Nia Jax. There is a lot of criticism going around about how WWE officials are booking their babyfaces on Raw, especially in the Women’s Division. However, the recent title loss for The Boss could be part of the plan for a major heel turn while Nia Jax turns babyface.

Alexa Bliss Will Be Feuding With Nia Jax Heading Into WWE NO Mercy
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Even before WrestleMania 33, Sasha Banks was rumored for a heel turn. More recently, it’s come to light that Nia Jax would be turning babyface and this week’s actions at the end of Raw have started her turn. It was reported before WWE Summerslam that The Boss was chosen over Jax to face Alexa Bliss at the event because WWE officials want Bliss vs. Jax to be a major feud, but they had to wait until after ‘Summerslam.’

Sasha Banks May Turn Heel After Wrestlemania 33
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Unfortunately for The Boss, Bliss vs. Jax is the direction that WWE officials want to go. Bayley’s injury may force Sasha Banks to take a backseat, but a heel turn for her is a logical step after taking such a huge loss on Raw this week. She will have to feud with someone else until Bayley returns, but it doesn’t seem that WWE officials are deliberately trying to hurt Sasha’s momentum. Bliss vs. Jax is just the top priority, but the next couple of weeks will determine exactly what WWE officials have planned for The Boss for the rest of 2017.

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