‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle’s A Suspect – Necklace Missing, Dillon Dead Or In Danger? [Video]

General Hospital spoilers from a new promo reveal that something bad will soon happen on the trip to Morocco and Nelle Hayes Benson (Chloe Lanier) is a primary suspect. This is a big twist considering that Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) just told Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) that Nelle is a killer. We learned today that Nelle’s wealthy fiancé died under sketchy circumstances and now Nelle’s got herself a new rich guy. But there may be another money man that meets a mysterious fate in Morocco – Dillon Q!

Dillon missing, murdered or another crime?

Based on the recent news that Robert Palmer Watkins was abruptly fired, that means Dillon Quartermaine had to be written a hasty exit from the ABC soap. It could be that he is soon kidnapped, dies, or goes missing in exotic Morocco. On today’s GH, Dillon set up the photo shoot and took pics of Nelle with that expensive sapphire necklace he said is worth a “small fortune.” General Hospital fans saw Nelle looking quite covetous with the necklace, but is it something she would steal – or kill to obtain?

GH spoilers from the new General Hospital promo video (see below) indicate a crime occurs. Today, Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) got a call saying the necklace was stolen. Tomorrow, Soaps She Knows spoilers say Nina tells Nelle that everyone, even her, is a suspect. The promo for Thursday’s GH episode reveals Nelle panics and tells Michael Quartermaine (Chad Duell) that they need to leave. This could be juicy! The crime is no doubt linked to Dillon’s fate on General Hospital. But was Nelle involved or did one of the models take advantage?


Will Dillon make it back to Port Charles alive?

The powers that be at General Hospital gave RPW permission to take a break from the ABC soap to go work on a movie called Three Days, but then reportedly fired him while he was gone. There’s no official confirmation from GH showrunners on why Robert was suddenly released from his contract, but the actor admitted to his fans that he was “blindsided” by the firing. His scene partner Hayley Erin (who plays Kiki Jerome) said his exit “devastated” her.

So, the big question for GH spoilers is whether Dillon will make it back from Morocco alive. Some General Hospital theories are that he is killed in Morocco or has to take a separate plane on the way back to Port Charles and his plane goes down. Of course, GH will leave it open for a recast later. Why kill a Q if you don’t have to? Will the missing necklace link back to what happens to Dillon? Will he meet a foul end because he figures out who took it?


What is Dillon’s fate and is Nelle involved?

The plot for Dillon’s exit will be revealed soon as General Hospital continues its fake location shoot in Morocco. The room where they’re holding the photo shoot looks a lot like the monastery set for Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) and Genie Francis’ (Laura Spencer) painting story. Did GH repurpose it for the Moroccan adventure? But what happens to Dillon in Morocco and does the sapphire necklace and new promo video come into it.? More importantly, is Nelle to blame?

General Hospital spoilers say the missing necklace could implicate dirt-poor Nelle in a crime of theft. However, GH spoilers for Friday, September 1, say Michael reassures Nelle not to worry. It seems more probable that the crime Nina mentions in the video is the necklace being stolen – and not a whodunit murder mystery over Dillon’s (possible) death. Also, Nelle really didn’t want Dillon to keep those photos – she’s hiding something. Plus, Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is there and might tie into the necklace plot and Dillon’s fate.


Theft in Morocco linked to Anna’s investigation?

Other General Hospital spoilers hint that the situation in Morocco will tie back to Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and her current investigation. Remember Anna found a diamond she thought was from the Berlin necklace, but it’s not. She was told it was from a heist tied to an international theft ring that steals precious gems to finance mischief. It’s interesting that the sapphire necklace went missing while Valentin was in Morocco romancing Nina.

Is that a hint that Valentin’s criminal activities are not over and done? He was in bed with Nina when the theft occurred, but the jewel heist crew involves more than one person so he might be distracting Nina while his partners raided the jewelry case. GH spoilers would be a cool plot twist if the WSB is called to investigate and Anna becomes suspicious that Valentin might be tied to the stolen necklace – and that diamond. Nina just agreed to take him back but next week spoilers say Nina regrets their night of passion,

Is Nelle a thief, a murderer or both? Would she stoop so low to steal from her boss that’s treated her so well? Check back often for more updates on Ned and Olivia, the coming Burton return and other hot General Hospital spoilers.

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