Trevor Noah Defends Melania Trump’s Heels As President’s Twitter Claims U.S. Paid North Korea Extortion Money

First Lady Melania Trump’s outfits from Tuesday, August 29, are still buzzing on Wednesday, August 30. As reported by the Inquisitr, Melania wore a pair of sky-high black heels on her way to Texas that really got people talking on social media. By the time Melania landed in Texas, she had changed from the heels into a pair of white sneakers, but Melania also donned a FLOTUS hat that is being called a “boss move” or “ironic” by some folks online. In fact, Melania’s black high heels were so popular, that close-up photos of Melania’s black heels can be seen on the Getty Images website, where photographer Nicholas Kamm caught the images of the heels.

As Melania waited to get on Marine One with President Donald Trump, Melania was decked out in black heels that appear to have a crocodile or alligator style pattern, but not red bottoms, like the signature Christian Louboutin shoes Melania often wears. Despite all the fuss over Melania wearing high heels upon leaving the White House, Melania had at least one unlikely person coming to her defense. Trevor Noah has been known to be a big and funny critic of the Trump Administration. However, as seen in the below video, Trevor defended Melania for wearing high heels en route to the disaster zone, with the comedian comparing Melania to Pope Francis. Noah joked that Pope Francis wears fancy clothes when going to help folks – but no one criticizes the pope for doing so.

As seen in the top photo above, President Trump and Melania arrived back at home at the White House on August 29, and by that time, Melania still had on the white sneakers she’d changed into earlier in the day. Melania still rocked her “FLOTUS” hat as well. Meanwhile, President Trump wasn’t talking FLOTUS hats or high heels on Twitter by Wednesday morning. Instead, Trump was writing about the U.S. paying North Korea “extortion money” for 25 years.

According to the Washington Post, when North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan on Monday evening, it signaled a big change in the escalated nuclear tests the country has been conducting. Kim Jong Un sent a serious message to Japan and the world at large by launching a ballistic missile over Japan.

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Such a move can be viewed as a serious provocation, and now President Trump’s tough talk on Twitter about talking alludes to the fact that action is what’s needed to answer Kim’s latest move. President Trump claimed Kim was “starting to respect us,” and the publication notes that Trump’s words might do more harm than good. The fear is that the war of words between Trump and Kim will turn into an actual nuclear war.

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