Melania Trump Wears Olive Military Jacket, Black Pants, High Heels, And Aviator Sunglasses On The Way To Texas

First lady Melania Trump found a way to keep it stylish as Melania and President Donald Trump walked to Marine One as they left the White House on Tuesday, August 29. President Trump and Melania were on their way to Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, en route to Texas in order to see firsthand the response to Hurricane Harvey. Comments about Melania’s attire began to flow into social media as soon as photos and video footage of Melania’s olive-colored military style jacket, black pants, and sky-high heels made it to the public eye. As reported by the Inquisitr, Melania recently wore pink pants and flats, an ensemble that some folks on social media feel might be more appropriate for Melania’s trip to Texas – at least the flats. Melania is already receiving good-natured ribbing about wearing sky-high heels on the way to Texas.

However, those folks criticizing Melania for wearing heels to a flood region might not realize that Melania and President Trump aren’t going to Houston, in order not to impede the ongoing rescue efforts. And according to Vogue, the pink J. Crew gingham-check shirt that Melania recently wore is already sold out. Originally priced at $60, the J. Crew shirt reminds viewers of the brand that former first lady Michelle Obama used to often wear – one that’s a lot less pricey than the designer labels that Melania often wears.

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With Hurricane Harvey representing the first major disaster that has taken place during Trump’s presidency, Melania chose a toned-down but somehow seemingly appropriate ensemble for the occasion. With black aviator sunglasses, black pants, and the muted olive jacket, Melania appeared like a fashion model ready to accompany her husband to a region that has experienced devastation.

Melania’s look is reminiscent of former President George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” attire, wherein some accused the former president of playing dress-up in his military-style gear. On this occasion, President Trump went without his standard suit and chose beige pants and a jacket designed to weather the storm. Although Melania is being given a hard time by some fashion hounds on social media who don’t agree with her choice of slim cigarette pants and high heels, Melania has been known to change shoes en route during her trip, so Melania could very well don a pair of flats by the time she lands in the great state of Texas.

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