Zac Efron Gets A $2.6 Million Babe Ruth Baseball From Drunken Charlie Sheen At Christmas Party

Zac Efron has an expensive new gift, and it comes thanks to a drunken Charlie Sheen at a Christmas party hosted by the 47-year-old actor.

The Daily Mirror recounted a story that had all the markings of an urban legend, with Sheen allegedly getting drunk at a holiday party he hosted and deciding to give Zac Efron a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth.

The story says that after he made the drunken gesture, Charlie Sheen forgot all about giving the pricy piece of baseball history to Zac Efron. He was reportedly looking over his baseball collection when he noticed the empty slot where the ball once stood and suddenly remembered what he’d done.

By then it was too late, and Charlie Sheen was reportedly too embarrassed to ask Zac Efron for the ball back.

“Charlie is a massive baseball fan,” a source told the Daily Mirror. “He is really proud of the array of stuff, old and new, that he has amassed and keeps it in a special room in his Los Angeles mansion.”

He was showing that collection off to Zac Efron during a “boys’ night” holiday party, and the High School Musical actor reportedly fawned over the ball — so Sheen decided to give it to him right then and there.

Charlie Sheen has been quite the collector of baseball memorabilia, including a 1927 World Series ring. A die-hard Cincinnati Reds fan, Sheen has starred in two baseball movies — Eight Men Out in 1988 and Major League in 1998.

Zac Efron may have one of Charlie Sheen’s favorite pieces of memorabilia, but Sheen still have some expensive replacements. The actor also owns a New York Yankees jersey worn by Babe Ruth in the 1920s worth more than $4 million.

The story of the gift Charlie Sheen allegedly gave to Zac Efron sounds like a tall tale to Yahoo! Sports writer Kevin Kaduk. He noted that a ball signed by Babe Ruth wouldn’t be worth nearly that much — others with Ruth’s signature have sold for $8,000 recently — but said it’s still an entertaining story.