‘Big Brother 19’ News: Elena Talks Her Future With Mark Outside Of The House

When it comes to Big Brother 19, this season has had a ton of showmances. One of the big ones in the house was Mark and Elena. You could tell that Mark was really into her, but now the fans are wondering if they will ever be more than just friends outside of the house. Us Magazine shared the news that Elena is discussing whether she will date him outside of the house.

Elena admits that Mark is a hopeless romantic, which isn’t really the way that she is about things, but she did agree to go on a date with him in Dallas. She even teased that she thinks it will be something totally cheesy and that she will hate going out with him. Elena said that the only thing she has shared with Mark about how she feels about him is that she likes his eyes.

Elena admits that she isn’t sure if she has feelings for Mark. It sounds like these two are going to have to spend some time with each other outside of the house to see how things go for them. However, Elena does feel like Mark would be a wonderful boyfriend, and she really wants to see how things go for them. She feels a lot more comfortable pursuing a relationship with him outside of the house than she would inside of the house.

When Elena was in the house, Mark told her he wasn’t expecting to have a showmance and that he really ended up liking her a lot. She doesn’t regret the time that she spent with him, but Elena admits that she feels like the showmance negatively affected both of their games. Being in a showmance on Big Brother can always put a target on your back. She admits that she wants to see Mark in the jury house and spend the rest of the summer with him, but of course, she doesn’t want him to be sent home already.


Are you surprised to hear that Elena Davies wants to see what happens outside of the house with Mark Jansen? Do you see these two ever really dating? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother 19 on CBS.


[Featured Image by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]