Show Creator Peter Morgan Announces Premiere Date For Netflix ‘The Crown’ Season 2 [Spoilers]

Peter Morgan, creator of Netflix’s The Crown says that even though a date has been announced for Season 2, he is out of touch in reference to feedback for the series. Netflix’s The Crown Season 2 will launch on December 8 for streaming, but Morgan says that his head is immersed in the Edwardian England of the 1950s and not in the current reviews for The Crown. Morgan says he is thrilled that The Crown has been so well-received, but with all that is going on in the world, he’s happier just reading for research.

Most of Netflix The Crown Season 2 will take place in the fifties, and so Season 2 will be the last time fans of The Crown will see Claire Foy and Matt Smith in their roles as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Even though Foy and Smith have been stellar in their roles, with each season, Peter Morgan will be covering a minimum of seven years, and it’s impossible to age the actors that much with makeup and costumes.

A big part of Netflix’s The Crown Season 2 will cover the evolving story of Princess Margaret and her engagement and marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones. Vanessa Kirby in her role as Princess Margaret will also be replaced for Netflix The Crown Season 3.

In reference to Netflix’s The Crown Season 2, creator Peter Morgan says he has his head in the fifties, so he is in a self-imposed news blackout in terms of all of the negative things in the news right now.

“For the most part, I operate in a news blackout, because what’s going on politically in this country and my country is so depressing.”

Because Morgan avoids all news websites most of the time, he doesn’t tend to read the reviews of Netflix The Crown. Morgan says he really doesn’t know from day to day what any critics have to say about himself or The Crown. Morgan says that most of his time is spent reading non-fiction about the period since Queen Elizabeth started her reign. Morgan says when he does come out of his cocoon he tends to want to retreat immediately.

“I feel like I’ve been exposed to radiation, and I retreat to my comforting Edwardian world in the 1950s.”

But Peter Morgan was willing to recently tease Netflix The Crown season 2 which will take a close look at the marriage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

“The story of the second season is a marriage that’s into its tenth year. And that’s a very different marriage. Anyone who’s been married will tell you it’s a whole different set of problems and issues.”

Morgan says that another star of Netflix’s The Crown Season 2 will be Princess Margaret, as this is her chapter more than any other.


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Another event that will take place in Netflix The Crown Season 2 will be the ceremony where Prince Philip officially becomes a British prince with the full title he holds today. In 1957 Prince Philip, played by Matt Smith, officially became His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. In Netflix The Crown Season 2, Queen Elizabeth, played by Claire Foy, officially bestows the new title on her husband.

Are you excited to watch Netflix’s The Crown Season 2 on December 8? Are you following the story of Queen Elizabeth?

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