‘Outdaughtered’ News: Adam Busby Shares Hurricane Update, Mimi’s House Damaged

The fans of Outdaughtered have been worried about Adam Busby and his family due to Hurricane Harvey. Adam Busby went to the family’s Facebook page to give everyone a big update about how they are doing. The girls were climbing all over him while he talked to fans for 25 minutes about what was going on with them.

Adam talked about how they have been watching the news a lot the past few days to get updates. They are also trying to get out of the house in between rain bands. They have seen a lot of “devastation.” Adam also said that their thoughts and prayers are with everyone. He shared that they will get hit hard for the next few days and Danielle said that school has been canceled for the next five days.

Danielle then said that Mimi’s house has been flooded. Adam shared that Nick was able to get over there by boat. They revealed that Mimi had about a foot of water in her house, but that Mimi is safe and she isn’t there luckily. Fans of Outdaughtered remember watching everyone move Mimi into her house.

Right now, Adam and Danielle Busby are in a house that is located in an area that is set up for flooding. They still have Internet and power. Adam even mentioned that they are in a two-story house and they may end up having to go up. Danielle teased that Hurricane Harvey realizes that there is a hurricane in their house already due to the girls. She even said that tonight might be another sleepless night for them due to all of the rain. Adam said that the night before was pretty scary dealing with all of the rain.

Adam also gave an update on his parents in Lousiana. He said that they are getting a lot of rain and that stuff is going through Houston and then headed that way. So far, it sounds like Adam’s parents are doing okay, though. Hopefully, Adam and Danielle will continue to give fans updates about how they are all doing.

Fans are praying for the Busby family and have been wondering how they are doing. Don’t miss new episodes of Outdaughtered when they air on TLC.

Update: They shared an update on how much stuff Mimi lost!

[Featured Image by Adam Busby/Instagram]