Woman Had Sex With Dog As Husband Made Videos: Appalled Judge Sends Her To Jail, Calls Case ‘Sick’

A husband and wife who were still in their first year of marriage made a video tape of the wife performing sex acts with a dog that came to the attention of authorities. In a Clearfield, Pennsylvania, courtroom on Friday, Judge Paul E. Cherry sentenced the woman to prison for up to one year and told the 20-year-old that she was in dire need of “help big time.” The judge also commented that this case “is sick.”

According to the Mirror, Rachael Harris and her husband, Corey Harris, 24, “made the sick animal abuse videos at their home located in Curwensville, Pennsylvania.” Rachael Harris pleaded guilty on Friday in court to “four counts of conspiracy/producing an obscene performance, four counts of producing an obscene performance and eight counts of cruelty to animals,” reports the Gant Daily News. Corey Harris was sentenced last month and received the same amount of jail time as his wife for his part in this case. Both were ordered to receive counseling by the judge, as well.

Police officers were called to the Clearfield SPCA, which is an animal welfare group, to investigate a report that a woman was in possession of video footage that showed another woman performing sex acts on a dog. The unnamed woman told State Police that the video was from a camera that “belonged to the Harris couple.” That unnamed woman was later allegedly identified as Corey Harris’ sister. She identified the voice heard on the tape of the cameraman as belonging to Corey Harris and identified the woman as his wife, Rachael.

After viewing the video, police determined the acts on this clip constituted a crime and police took possession of the camera. At that time a search warrant was issued for the video content in that camera, which allowed the officers to download several other videos that also contained the same type of disturbing footage.

Pennsylvania couple arrested after husband films wife having sex with a dog

According to Centre Daily News, the judge not only sentenced Rachael Harris to up to a year in prison, but she faces four years probation upon her release. She must also do 100 hours of community service. The judge also added to her sentence that “she is not permitted to have any pets or work in a job that involves animals.”

Husband films wife having sex with a dog, both arrested and serving prison terms

Both husband and wife were ordered to attend counseling by the judge, which was another piece to each of their sentences. It was not known what the couple intended to do with these video tapes and some of what was seen on the footage was described in court. It is not known what type of breed the dog was or where that dog is today. Since the SPCA was involved in this case from the beginning, one can only surmise that the dog was removed from the house and is in a safe place.

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