Jenelle Evans’ Wedding In Jeopardy; Her Fiancé Still Risks Jail Time During Ceremony

Jenelle Evans is nothing if not optimistic, as the mother-of-three is getting ready to celebrate her walk down the aisle with the possibility of her husband-to-be spending time in jail during their wedding date. David Eason, Jenelle’s fiance, recently went to court to fight a 60 day in jail stint.

The young father of three has an order to not approach his ex or their son, Kaden. The reality TV star saw the pair at a grocery store and ended up running to hug his son, which was against the direct order. A judge sentenced him to 60 days in jail, which was suspended after an appeal, but now he has to go to trial just after Labor Day to keep himself out of the clink. And if he goes back to jail immediately after the trial, the 60 days will overlap his walk down the aisle to Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. He narrowly escaped being put in the slammer mere weeks ago, and now he faces the same issue in just over a week.

Jenelle Evans has been planning her “small southern wedding” for the past few months, visiting New York City to help put the finishing touches on her wedding party’s clothes. She has stated that, unfortunately, she won’t be inviting her mother or any members of her family to help her celebrate her big day, if it even takes place on schedule.

Jenelle Evans has been in the headlines recently for her feud with her mother, Barbara Evans. Jenelle gave up custody of her son, Jace, not long after she gave birth to him due to her heroin addiction and issues with partying. Her mother became his primary custodian. Evans feels that her mother “owes” her Jace, but the courts have seen otherwise. However, this didn’t stop Jenelle from interrupting a lunch Barb was having with her friends and trying to frame her for drinking and driving with Jace and her other grandson present.

Needless to say, Barb will not be invited to Jenelle’s wedding, which she has already expressed has been quite hurtful to her. But if the wedding doesn’t take place on schedule, perhaps Jenelle will reconsider.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]