Photo Of Tied Up And Abandoned Dog Left To Face Hurricane Harvey Breaks Hearts

A photo of a tied up and abandoned dog left to face Hurricane Harvey on its own is breaking hearts not only in Texas, but worldwide. As thousands were evacuated from their homes around the Gulf of Mexico before Harvey unleashed its fury on land, some animals were left to fend for themselves. Residents were under strict orders not to leave behind pets or livestock, or they would be arrested, but some turned their backs on their innocent animals.

Daily Mail posted several photos showing the damage of Hurricane Harvey, and at least one photo is getting attention of a tied up and abandoned dog chained to a telephone pole as flood waters rise around it. The scared dog is seen sitting in the water alone next to the pole as low tree branches are just a few feet from the water. It’s plain to see from the photo (in a tweet below) that the dog was intentionally left in the elements. The dog was located off US-77 in Victoria, Texas, one of the towns directly in Hurricane Harvey’s path. The town is experiencing heavy flooding and pounding rains.

It’s sad to say that this dog wasn’t the only one tied up to contend with Hurricane Harvey; another heartbreaking image showed a black dog in Victoria cowering next to a tree it was tied to. The animal may have belonged to some people who lived in the mobile home park where it was found. An image of the black dog can be seen in the video posted further down in this article.

A few other photos showed animals struggling to survive during Harvey. One cow was walking in a flooded field in Fulton with its head barely above water and a donkey was belly-deep in flood water in Rockport.

Note: If you’d like to help these dogs and other animals after suffering the wrath of the hurricane, a GoFundMe page has been set up for donations at Harvey Disaster Animal Fund.

According to the report, the abandoned dogs were in the “harshest weather” that culminated as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Victoria has been hammered with six-to-10-inches of rain in the past 24 hours.

On Friday, a police chief in Roman Forest, Texas, warned anyone against leaving their dogs as Harvey approached.

“I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog in extreme weather conditions,” Chief Stephen Carlisle said in a statement.

Carlisle cited a state law that prohibits leaving a dog tied up outside in any extreme weather conditions, including under a hurricane or tropical storm warning.

“Please do not keep your family members tied to a rope or chain,” the police department in Montgomery County said on Facebook. “It is against the law to keep a dog on a chain during extreme weather conditions.”

It’s unknown if the tied up and abandoned dogs in the photos were rescued after they were spotted.

[Featured Image by Sergil Kovalov/Getty Images]