‘LPBW’ Update: Amy Roloff Responds After Getting Flak Over Bike Trip, Suspicions Of Favoring Tori Over Audrey

Something strange is happening in Roloff Farms. With Audrey Roloff set to give birth at any moment, practically all the members of the Roloff family decided to leave the state. Amy went on a cross-country motorcycle road trip with her beau, Matt seemingly went on a business trip, and Zach’s family left to visit Tori’s grandmother. Among the Roloff family members, however, Amy is the one who is feeling the LPBW community’s disapproval the most.

Since announcing her trip on her public Facebook page, the Little People, Big World community has descended on Amy, chastising the reality TV star for leaving at such a crucial time in Audrey’s pregnancy. Many of Amy’s critics were very direct, expressing their disappointment at the LPBW star for seemingly prioritizing her boyfriend over the arrival of her first granddaughter.

“Amy, I’m so disappointed with you. I thought you were smarter than you are showing. No man could keep me away from my family with a ‘special delivery’ so close! FAMILY before anything or anybody!” wrote one commenter.

“I love your show so much, but I have to say this really takes me by surprise big time. Your granddaughter can be born any minute. I don’t understand why you would leave now? I’m sorry, but it seems so wrong,” wrote another.

Considering that Amy is going on a road trip with her boyfriend, Chris Marek, while the rest of the family opted to fly to their respective destinations, it would indeed be quite tricky for the Roloff matriarch to get home in time for Audrey’s delivery. After all, Matt, Zach, Tori and baby Jackson could easily hop on a plane as soon as Audrey begins her labor. Amy, on the other hand, is at risk of being too far away from an airport to make it back home in time.

Some of Amy’s critics had also taken issue with the fact that she seemed to be quite hands-off with Audrey recently, but was completely present for Tori when she was about to deliver baby Jackson earlier this year. If any, Amy’s social media followers simply felt that scheduling a cross-country motorcycle road trip when a grandchild could be born at any moment was a decision made in bad taste.

“I certainly wouldn’t be traveling if a newborn was on the way. You were all there for Tori, but not for Audrey? I’m just saying, I think the trip could have been postponed until after the birth,” wrote one commenter.

So far, Amy’s public Facebook page and her post announcing her road trip with her boyfriend have become a place for debate among fans of Little People, Big World. Eventually, the arguments between the reality TV star’s critics and those who support Amy’s decision to leave Roloff Farms during Audrey’s final week of pregnancy became so heated, the LPBW star decided to directly address her social media critics’ concerns using her private Facebook account.

“Just because I and my family put our lives on TV doesn’t mean respect decency and kindness goes out the window. Matt is away, Zach and Tori and myself. We love Jer and Auj and can’t wait to meet baby girl. She could arrive early, on time or late. We’ll all be there to love her bunches.”

What do you think about Amy’s cross-country motorcycle trip with Chris? Is the timing of the journey off, or is there nothing wrong with it? Do you think Amy really does favor Tori over Audrey? Sound off in the comments below.

Little People, Big World is expected to return for its latest season later this year on TLC.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]