Joe Rogan Explains How Conor McGregor Can Beat Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor takes on boxing great Floyd Mayweather in what most analysts believe is a mismatch. UFC color commentator Joe Rogan breaks down the fight in his podcast as well as in the UFC feature that includes commentary from Larry Holmes, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Freddie Roach, which you can watch below.

While Joe Rogan admits McGregor’s chances are slim, he acknowledges that Conor McGregor is in his prime and has an immense amount of self-belief going into the boxing matchup. Rogan cites Mayweather’s age as a factor despite his impressive physique.

Rogan discusses McGregor’s ability to cover ground with long punches, which is uncharacteristic in boxing. Conor had some success with this technique in the short clips of his sparring sessions with former champion boxer Paul Maliginalli.

Conor will be 28-years old going into the fight while Floyd will be approaching 41 years of age. Rogan breaks down Conor’s unorthodox style, which will be difficult for Floyd Mayweather to train for.

Rogan talks about how both Floyd and Conor are both counter punchers on his podcast with Brendan Schaub and whether Mayweather’s brittle hands will be a factor. Most analysts believe that Conor can knock out Floyd with his left hand but many think he won’t have the chance to land it due to Floyd’s elusiveness.

Floyd Mayweather weighed in at 149 pounds while McGregor weighed in at 153 pounds.

Conor threatened to come into the ring close to 170 pounds and Mayweather elected to come in much lighter than the required weight. This suggests that Conor is looking for a size advantage while Floyd is betting on being the lighter and faster fighter.

Conor is expected to fight Floyd in a similar fashion to Marcos Maidana in his first bout with Floyd. McGregor has similar betting odds to Miguel Cotto going into the fight, despite never fighting in a boxing match. He will likely attempt to close the distance and make the fight dirty.

Joe Rogan believes that if Conor McGregor connects to Floyd’s chin, he can knock him out. The UFC champion believes that he will finish Floyd within the first four rounds.

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