Melania Trump Posts Hurricane Message: ‘Stay Safe! Thoughts And Prayers Of An Entire Country Are With You!’

Melania Trump Posts Hurricane Message: 'Stay Safe! Thoughts And Prayers Of An Entire Country Are With You!'

First lady Melania Trump turned to social media to share her prayers for the safety of those near Hurricane Harvey. As seen on the FLOTUS Twitter account, Melania passed along her thoughts to people living near the hurricane, which strengthened to Category 4. As reported by CBS News, Hurricane Harvey came with winds of 130 miles-per-hour, and evacuations were ordered for those on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in the path of the storm. With as much as 25-inches of rain expected, Houston prepared for the storm as President Donald Trump tweeted about a disaster proclamation after Melania published social media posts about the hurricane.

“For those living near the path of stay safe! Thoughts & prayers of an entire country are with you.”

It didn’t take long for Melania to begin getting backlash for her social media message. One popular reply on Twitter mocked Melania, writing that those living near Hurricane Trump didn’t have enough supplies to survive the presidential storm. Meanwhile, Melania, Barron and other members of the Trump clan left the White House on Friday, August 25, en route to Camp David. Trump is spending the weekend there with his family.


Whereas some people wrote that they were appreciative of Melania’s comments, others devolved into arguments with Melania’s supporters as they went back and forth on Twitter and Instagram. One of Melania’s Instagram commentators wrote that President Trump was a national embarrassment who is not fit to be president. The person then asked why Melania stands by Trump and supports “his hateful agenda.” As seen in plenty of other comments on Melania’s social media pages, her prayer for safety in the midst of the hurricane turned into arguments over her husband’s latest political decisions.

Conversations about President Trump pardoning former sheriff Joe Arpaio, as reported by NPR, along with Trump doubling down on keeping transgender people out of military were made in the shadow of the storm. Trump was accused of performing these acts when the nation was focused on the hurricane, as if trying to do these things without a lot of fanfare.


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