Hurricane Harvey Leaves 20,000 People Stranded On Cruise Ships

Hurricane Harvey is causing havoc for people everywhere, including 20,000 people who are now stuck out on the water on cruise ships. ABC 13 shared the information about what is going on right now in the Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane Harvey prepares to make landfall in south Texas. Passengers and crew want to be safe and they know that coming in to port in Galveston is not a good idea right now due to the storm.

There are four different cruise ships that were headed to Galveston that are now stuck out on the water. They are being forced to remain in the Gulf of Mexico at this time and it doesn’t look like they will be able to go in to port at the next expected time either. As of right now, the ports are closed until at least Tuesday.

Carnival spokesperson Christine de la Huerta said the Carnival Freedom and Valor will stop in New Orleans on Saturday. This will be so they can get food and supplies for the passengers. At least, passengers will be taken care of and have the prospect of having a good time on their unplanned extended vacation. While they are in New Orleans, passengers can get off and then find their own way home or get back on the ship and go to Galveston.

Right now, the Carnival Breeze is in Cozumel, Mexico, and they are staying there overnight before trying to head back to Galveston. It all depends on what happens with Hurricane Harvey if they can head back as planned or not. There is also some concern over all of the cars that are parked at the port, as the water is expected to rush in and possibly cause huge flooding.

If you are on social networks, then you will notice that family and friends are going crazy worrying about their family members on cruise ships. Luckily, they seem to be keeping their family updated and all is well, they just aren’t coming home as soon as planned.


Would you still want to go on a cruise ship during hurricane season? Would you be shocked to be stranded or excited to have more fun on the cruise? Sound off in the comments below.


[Featured Image by Dylan McCord/U.S. Navy]