Man At Japanese Trash Site Finds $120,000 In Cash

An employee at a Japanese trash site is proving himself to be an honest worker in every sense of the word. After finding cash to the tune of $120,000 mixed among the the site’s litter, he reported the money to police.

An article by ABC News writes that the cash was spotted at a waste disposal facility in the Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan on Tuesday evening. At the time of discovery the employee was keeping watch on large articles of garbage being transported along a conveyor belt.

The employee happened to notice that hidden among the pieces of waste being disposed were several stacks of money. The bundles were found in groups of 10,000 yen which translates to $120 in United States currency. Once the cash was spotted, approximately $120,000 all together, the conscientious worker quickly alerted the proper authorities to his find.

The amount of the stash increased even higher after police found an additional 2,300 bill fragments at the site. The pieces had most likely been torn by machinery designed to process large, heavy pieces of trash.

The New York Daily News reports that police in Japan say the currency has not been linked to a crime. Authorities feel there is reason to believe that it may be a case of the money’s owner accidentally disposing of it. The waste disposal site handles heavy pieces such as furniture, which may be where the cash was originally hidden.

An attempt is being made to return the $100,000 to its rightful home. Police say that if they are unable to locate the owner the trash site will be able to claim ownership.

Let us hear about your experience with a lost and found item. Do you applaud the choice of the Japanese trash site worker who reported the cash he found?