Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs Galaxy S8+: Should You Splurge $1,000 For The Phablet?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 arrived aggressively, impressing the mobile community with a sleek look reminiscent of the Galaxy S8, but more importantly, with the slew of new features that will topple down any competition. Samsung has its game face on, but the mobile maker put it on first in March when it introduced the flagship smartphone. What’s changed since then?

Samsung Debuts Dual Cameras On Galaxy Note 8

The most obvious difference between the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8+ is the camera set-up at the back. Putting dual cameras is a first for Samsung and while we still haven’t got any test shots, expectations are already high.

Android Central reported that the rear camera of the Galaxy Note 8 is actually the same as the one on the S8+, except that it is paired with another 12-megapixel camera. The single-camera set-up has performed exceedingly well against its dual-camera competitors, so the Note 8 should even be better.

However, this apparently won’t affect your day-to-day shots that much, according to the report. While there will be improvements on the Note 8’s shots, most users are not likely to notice the differences between the photos taken by the phablet and the S8+.

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The Galaxy Note 8 Is Bigger But Not By Much

The Note brand is supposedly the bigger of the two flagships. So to retain its place, Samsung made the Note 8 0.1-inch bigger than the Galaxy S8 Plus. If you’re considering the screen size alone, you can go with either.

You can easily tell each other apart though, despite having similar curved displays. The Galaxy Note 8 has more square-ish corners, while the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are more rounded. The phablet is also taller, while the smartphones are wider.

The Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen Makes All The Difference

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with an S Pen, which can now do loads of cool things that you’ll likely rely on. It’s more than a note-taking tool, it can now act as a translation device. All you have to do is hover on text or currency to highlight it and then translate or convert it, Tech Crunch reported.

Samsung also increased the Screen Off Memos’ cap to 100 pages, allowing for longer note-taking while the screen is off, which then saves battery. Aside from offering little somethings for your business needs, the Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen also has a feature for when you’re socializing. You can use it to draw scribbles and animations that you can share with your friends or family.

Watch the Galaxy Note 8 S Pen in action:

The Galaxy Note 8 Is, As Expected, More Expensive

This set of new features come with a price though. You’re going to have to pay over $100 more for a Note 8 than for a Galaxy S8+. The phablet costs $930 to $960 and those are without sales tax. The pre-order bonuses are still pretty neat, nonetheless, which the Inquisitr previously reported on.

What do you think? Are the new features worth the $1,000 price tag or are you sticking with the Galaxy S8+?

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