‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Trailer Released, ‘Outlander’ And ‘Vikings’ Stars Featured In Upcoming Episodes

Netflix seems to be cornering the market on edgy, fresh content, and the latest announcement about Black Mirror Season 4 is no exception.

Now that the teaser trailer has been dropped, speculation has begun about what, exactly, the new season of the techno-psychological series will show.

According to The Verge, Black Mirror Season 4 consists of six episodes in total.

The first thing The Verge said was that they hoped that even one episode of the new season of Black Mirror would be as good as “San Junipero,” referring to the fourth episode of the third season of the show. The episode, which starred Mackenzie Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, received a lot of accolades and attention because it focused on the tale of a lesbian couple in the 1980’s.

“The short teaser revealed the titles of those next six episodes: “Crocodile”, “Arkangel”, “Hang the DJ”, “USS Callister”, “Metalhead”, and “Black Museum”, along with brief snippets of each episode: there’s the usual strange gadgets, paranoid people looking out of windows, creepy children, and what looks like a take on Star Trek.”

The Verge also went on to say that Black Mirror Season 4 will be on Netflix beginning in December.

Check out the teaser video below.

And, according to Variety, there are two episodes of Black Mirror Season 4 that will serve as a point of interest to fans of two other shows; Outlander and Vikings.

The episode called “Hang the DJ” has been announced as featuring George Blagden, whom Vikings fans will recognize as playing Athelstan on the period drama. Blagden, a classically trained actor, has recently been featured in the show Versailles, where he played King Louis XIV as Versailles was on the rise.

Meanwhile, the Black Mirror Season 4 episode called “Crocodile” will feature Andrew Gower, whom Outlander fans will recognize as playing Bonnie Prince Charlie — Prince Charles Stuart — in the second season of the show.

It’s not clear what Blagden or Gower will play in their respective episodes, but what’s clear is that the fans of the respective shows will unquestionably tune in to watch their favorite actors in roles that they’ve never seen them in.

Fans of Netflix — and Black Mirror — tell us! What do you think of the announcement of Black Mirror Season 4? Will you be tuning in?

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