‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill’s Firebug Plan Burns Him Instead of Sally, Liam Torches Dad’s Dream

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) awful plan to destroy Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) dream could burn his down instead. When Bill decides to take advantage of the sketchy wiring situation and have Sally’s building leveled by fire, that’s too much for Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) to take. So far, Bill has bullied Liam into silence, but when Dollar Bill oversteps, Liam steps up and takes down his dad.

Bill’s lies exposed – allies turn on him

Bold spoilers reveal that everyone around Bill who knows about his lie regarding Caroline Spencer’s (Linsey Godfrey) death is struggling to keep his secret. When Bill adds arson on top of the fib, it’s too much. Caroline was already teetering on the edge of spilling the beans to Thomas Forrester (Pierson Fode). Once she learns that Bill torched Sally’s building, she’s had enough of his dirty games and refuses to be a pawn any longer. However, she’s not the only one that turns on Bill.

Other B&B spoilers predict that Steffy Forrester Spencer (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is also displeased that Bill went from telling a big lie to lighting a big fire. The Bold and the Beautiful recap from SheKnows Soaps for Thursday reminds us that when Liam told Steffy how well the Spectra design preview went, she grudgingly admitted that she had no problem with competition so long as the designs weren’t stolen. When Steffy learns Bill went pyro, she too will turn on her father-in-law.


Thomas returns – Caroline dumped

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that Thomas will be livid when he finds out a lie took him from Sally’s side just when she needed him most – and then Bill put Sally’s life at risk too. Bill planned the blaze for when Spectra was closed for the night, but B&B spoilers say Sally’s dedication kept her working late and put her at risk when the building went up in a blaze of glory. Bold spoilers for next week from SheKnows Soaps indicate by Tuesday, August 29, Sally’s injured and in the hospital.

Thomas races back to be at Sally’s side, and on Wednesday, August 30, Liam confronts his father about his fiery sabotage. On Thursday, August 31, Liam and Steffy debate whether they can keep quiet about Bill’s criminal activities, and on Friday, September 1, Liam decides to act against Bill, despite his dad’s threats to cut him out of his life and the family business. The same day, Sally asks Thomas to stick around and help her rebuild. Thomas is torn, but Caroline and Liam help him out with a dose of the truth very soon.


Bill faces jail, angry family, and a blistered Brooke

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal the following week sees Dollar Bill taken down a notch. Brooke Logan Spencer (Katherine Kelly Lang) has been playing along with Bill’s scheme and turning a blind eye to his dirty tactics. But when Brooke finds out he’s responsible for Sally’s near-death, she can’t ignore her husband’s antics anymore. Combine that with the revelation that Bill was responsible for Spectra’s smoldering demise, and Brooke can no longer play dumb about Bill’s horrible behavior.

B&B spoilers say Sally finds herself with Bill’s fate in her hands. Thomas knows Bill almost killed his lover Sally over a real estate deal and lied about Caroline dying. Everyone aligns against Bill, and he could lose his reputation, his wife, his sons, and his freedom if Sally and the others reveal his role in the suspicious fire to the cops. Bill will find his feet are held to the fire as everyone debates what punishment Dollar Bill deserves. Ironically, Bill is also about to be stunned by Katie’s choice in lovers.


Rather than building his vanity tower, it seems that Bill will have to finance the resurrection of Spectra Fashions or lose everything. And we know Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) will be standing by hoping that Brooke dumps Dollar Bill over this fiasco. In the end, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tell us Caroline admits she’s healthy, and Thomas dumps her for good. Bill has to demolish his high-rise plans, and Liam the Boy Scout emerges looking golden once again, while Bill is forever tarnished by his horrible scheme. Just how much will Bill lose before the smoke clears? We’ll see soon enough! Check back often for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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