Piana’s Wife Sara Piana Writes Of Rich’s Death As Bodybuilder Collects Instagram RIPs, Chanel Jansen Quiet

The bodybuilding world has been rocked by the sudden deaths of two superstars. Dallas McCarver’s recent death as a young bodybuilder was especially shocking, as reported by the Inquisitr when news broke about McCarver losing his life after choking on food. Now, news about the death of professional bodybuilder Rich Piana is bringing out RIP tributes on Piana’s Instagram page and words from Sara Piana, who wrote on Instagram that she was actually still married to Rich.

As reported by The Sun, Sara was Piana’s estranged wife, and as seen in the below Instagram post, Sara tagged Rich’s Instagram account @1dayumay and wrote about crying as she heard the news of Rich’s death. Meanwhile, Rich’s Instagram account is collecting plenty of RIP wishes as the news of his death spreads. Sara thanked Rich for teaching her many life lessons and wrote of her hopes that Rich feels “better now in heaven.” Piana wrote that she hoped Rich was healthy and smiling, as she called Piana her “dear husband.” Sara insisted that she wasn’t writing about the fact that she was still legally married to Rich for any type of gain, but simply in order to pass along truthful information about her marriage to Piana. Sara wrote that she believed she saved Rich’s life once before.


According to Rich in the below viral video, Piana and Sara were no longer married, and had gotten their marriage annulled. But Sara’s claims that they were still legally married contradict what Rich said.

Warning: The below video contains language that might be offensive.

Meanwhile, according to Google Trends, the name “Rich Piana” received 100,000 searches on Friday, August 25, as news of his death in the wake of Piana being placed in a medically induced coma grew. Plenty of people are searching Google for news about Piana’s death, as well as information about Chanel Jansen, Rich’s girlfriend, as reported by The Sun. Chanel has been much quieter about Piana’s death on Instagram.

Searches for information about Piana’s estranged wife, Rich’s girlfriend, and other personal information join searches for Piana’s workouts.


Chanel’s most recent Instagram post, as of this writing, was seven days ago when she wrote that she was only allowed to say that Rich was alive and okay at that point. As seen in photos above and below, Piana was photographed in 2017 promoting the movie, Generation Iron 2, in Birmingham, England.

[Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images for The Vladar Company, Vlad Yudin]

[Featured Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images for The Vladar Company, Vlad Yudin]