New Aircraft, Smuggling Missions Come To ‘GTA Online’ In Smuggler’s Run Update Next Week

GTA Online Smuggler's Run patch includes new ultralights and helicopters

Moving cargo across the massive map in the online multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V is the premise behind next week’s update. The Smuggler’s Run patch comes to GTA Online on August 29 adding new aircraft, personal hangars, and smuggling missions. Players will get started with Nervous Ron to start smuggling various items to pad their bank accounts.

Smuggler’s Run will add a number of new aircraft to the game. Players can expect new planes, helicopters, and ultralights in the online mode. Like missions in the Import/Export and Gunrunning updates, players with access to the new property can likely start smuggling missions for extra cash. In Smuggler’s Run, players can purchase an aircraft hangar to kick off the new missions. A character’s personal hangar is also the perfect place to store purchased airplanes and other aircraft. Ron even supplies the player with a new aircraft mechanic named Charlie according to the official website.

The new update follows similar patches to GTA Online that feature a new property to purchase that unlocks new missions and vehicles. In fact, the Gunrunning update just released in June adding the bunker and Mobile Operations Center to the game. Owning an MOC lets the player start Gunrunning missions as reported by the Inquisitr.

GTA Online Smuggler's Run update aircraft

In the coming months, new possibilities are coming to stunt racing, and traditional holiday events are scheduled. New races will introduce the ability to change vehicle types during the race. Hitting new checkpoints will suddenly transform the controlled vehicle. This mechanic extends to all modes of transportation on land, sea, and air. For instance, GTA Online players can start a race in a car, switch to a boat, and end the race in plane before it is over. Truly difficult races will have players mastering all three forms of transport to win.

Buy a hangar in GTA Online to start smuggling

New Adversary Modes, new cars, and events are coming to the online mode soon. Halloween events and holiday festivities are expected later this year with new items. No specifics are given at this time, but an announcement will surely be made before the events begin. GTA Online players can count on continued updates and patches for the game as well.

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